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Georges Reserve Reviews

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Georges Reserve Lonsdale
GEORGE S. in FL September 6, 2012
Georges Reserve Lonsdale
my every day go to cigar
GEORGE in FL July 25, 2012
Georges Reserve Robusto 5 Pack
"Way better than I was expecting!"
I was hesitant at first to light this stogie up, but once I did, I was very supprised at amazing aroma that it gave off. And even the flavor complimented the aroma amazingly well. I like everything from acid cigars, to Joya de Nicarauga, to Ghurka. But this is the smell I remember from my great uncles stogies he used to smoke. When I smoke a stogie this is the flavor I am trying to find in Goerges Reserve.
Ryan2 in NorCal January 3, 2012
Georges Reserve Toro
"A solid reliable cigar."
Good enough for a seasoned cigar smoker yet smooth enough for a rookie.
Ryan2 in NorCal January 3, 2012 December 24, 2010
Georges Reserve Corona
"Won't be a next time"
I would have been annoyed if I had bought a box. Very disappointing cigar.
Bob B. in New York October 14, 2010
Georges Reserve Toro
I did not like this cigars at all. It was a tough draw and the wrapper started coming off at the foot end. Made poorly.
Steve in Tucson,AZ. September 25, 2010
Georges Reserve Robusto
"Save your time/money"
Draws fine, looks fine, smells fine but its just not an amazing cigar. No flavor, a little smoke, but nothing that would make you want to buy it again or smoke it again. I got 5, I smoked 2, friends smoked the other 3, all agree they are not the best mild cigars. Better luck next time, Georges.
Larry in PA July 1, 2010
Georges Reserve Churchill
"My "Go To" Smoke Now"
This is a superior smoke, really medium-bodied rather than mild-medium. Like all Oliva products, the construction is excellent, and this cigar always draws beautifully, producing a rich mouthful of smoke. The Nicaraguan fillers and the Ecuadoran Connecticut wrapper are a great combo. This is every inch a premium cigar, much better than many more expensive products. Stick to the Churchill, which is great tasting and is now my "go to" smoke when I have the time to enjoy.
Richard in New York, N. Y. March 29, 2010
Georges Reserve Robusto
"A Very Unique Mild Conn"
I'm usually a full body smoker, and don't care for the intense creaminess of most mild Connecticut wrapper cigars. I don't know if it's the Ecuadorian wrapper or the Cameroon binder, but this one is very earthy, with a nice natural toasty sweetness, and only a hint of cream. Well, made, excellant draw, but none of that overpowering, sickly sweet cream. So, if you're a fan of creamy Connecticuts, this is probably not the smoke for you, but if you normally enjoy full body cigars, and are looking for a full flavor, mild, early morning smoke, you may wish to give this one a try. It has become a staple in my humi.
David in North Carolina June 21, 2009
Georges Reserve Torpedo
"Well worth the money"
Smoothest cigar I have ever smoked. Bought on a whim due to being George's Reserve, not expecting much, but man was I surprised.
George in Fort Wayne, Indiana June 19, 2009
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