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Georges Reserve Reviews

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Georges Reserve Lonsdale
"Switching to a new favorite"
Beautiful 3 inch ash all the way to the label. To enjoy it best: a cup of chickory/coffee with sweet cream and a nice fire. Mild but complex. Consistent all the way to the nub - and I actually smoked it to the NUB.
The Professor in Bozeman October 21, 2008
Georges Reserve Robusto
"Wasn't Impressed ..."
Not a good taste ...
M.J.M. in Philadelphia October 18, 2008
Georges Reserve Robusto
"ok for a $3 stick"
came in a free sampler. I wouldn't buy a box at normal price
rick in mesa September 29, 2008
Georges Reserve Corona
"Good daily cigar when aged"
I bought these as a deal and were my first box purchased. Letting it sit in my humidor for a few months seemed to help and make it more creamier. I'm not sure how this can be considered an expensive cigar given that it's $80 for 25 (about $3.20 per stick).I got the Coronas and have found them to have to a creamy, nutty flavour that remains consistent throughout. The ash can flake off too quickly but otherwise it burns consistently. I'll be ordering again, especially if there is another 2-for-1 box deal.
Linus in New York September 5, 2008
Georges Reserve Robusto
I've been an Oliva smoker for some time and Georges Reserve was a big disappointment.
GS in San diego September 4, 2008
Georges Reserve Churchill
"Very good, but a bit pricey at retail"
This is definitly a premium cigar. Every aspect of the smoking experience is superior. My problem is I'm a cheap SOB, and I find it difficult to pony up more than $100 for a box. Still, these compare very favorably with the best Rocky Patel's I've smoked, and I would rate them higher personally than the Macanudos (my best friend smokes) or Montecristos (my brother smokes) of similar design and style, and they are cheaper than any of those. So you will have to make up your mind for yourself. Get five first if you can. You will have yourself five nice evenings of smoking pleasure.
Mick in Lakewood May 18, 2008
Georges Reserve Robusto
"not a premium cigar..."
I was very let down on this cigar for one reason...taste, i was bored with this cigar. Nothing stood out, and have even had better experiances with cheap bundle cigars. To each's own I suppose. This cigar is def. not for me.
peter in wayland, MI March 21, 2008
Georges Reserve Lonsdale
"Great cigar and very consistent"
I bought this cigar in a two for one sale and am very happy . I'm sure I will reorder them again .
LIONHEART in Baltimore Md. March 1, 2008
Georges Reserve Corona
"Smooth and relaxing short smoke"
This cigar burned near perfectly from beginning to finish. Its got a bit of a stronger finish to this selection, the corona size was a near perfect half hour smoke that was oh so smooth, as if this cigar costs bout double what its retail price lists, this is one fine quality made cigar with a smooth taste and draw as it has an elegance to it it smokes so smoothely as i would imagine many smokers will be very pleasantly surpised at the quality of this cigar. Its almost Ashton like smoothe and if it didnt have a label on it, it may confuse smokers into thinking it is an Ashton. This is a truly excellent cigar worth taking a risk to enjoy, gamble on this selection you'll feel like a Winner.
thebaby981 in Louisiana February 9, 2008
Georges Reserve Toro
"Best "find" I've ever made"
Construction on these stogies is absolutely gorgeous; smooth as silk, practically no veins in sight, and rolled to have an almost perfect draw. Great heft and feel. Flavor is very, very nice and consistent. Delivers plentiful smoke and has a delightful aroma. Burn is even and the ash is firm but falls off easily with a good flick. Started out as a great smoke out of the box. Now, itÂ’s phenomenal. Every puff a sheer delight.
rokkitsci January 10, 2008
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