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Georges Reserve Reviews

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Georges Reserve Lonsdale
"Crappy constructed Lonsdale"
ive previously raved writing a review on a different size of this same cigar. my expectations are that im receiving an actual premuim cigar, not even close when it comes to this lonsdale size. Ive had 3 from the box, all the wrappers have broken midway or sooner into the smoke. expect several large stems in every cigar as this filler blend is complete crap. These are tightly rolled, but the filler is loaded with stems and even knots. its a complete waste of a good blend. These come from the Oliva factory which doesnt begin to pride itaself on construction. Virtually everything they make has burning issues and construction problems. Oliva's dont seem to care much for quality. Nevermind my rave review on this cigar in the other size, ,avoid these lonsadale's at all costs. i won a box for less than half the famous smoke retail price and i still got ripped off. Do yourself a favor, avoid the Goerge Reverse lonsdale for certain, Oliva family doesnt seem to mind selling cigars loaded with stems and plugs, which means they want to make money any means necessary, forget quality, they dont know what that means. Virtually every cigar Olvia Family makes is crap, this lonsdale should not be put in a box, it should be part of the value line bundles, at least you know what your paying for and not duped into thinking your getting a quality cigar. These have gone to crap which i blame on the Oliva factory for consistently producing crap played off as premium cigars. These flat out suck.
thebaby981 in LSU Country January 26, 2009
Georges Reserve Torpedo
"Just Shoot Me!"
Why do I fall for this every time. The Hamilton House were JUNK. A friend (sic) gave me this cigar (?) to try. It is as bad if not worse than the Hamilton! If I ever see a George or Hamilton again I will very gently set it on the ground and jump up and down on it dig a hole and bury it. If you see either cigar RUN!!!!!
CgarSmoker in Reno January 2, 2009
Georges Reserve Robusto
"I love these"
I love these cigars. The combination of wrappers is mild and spicy and they consistently burn and draw well. They're reasonably priced and never disappoint me.
Martin in Colorado December 10, 2008
Georges Reserve Churchill
"All around excellent"
Taste, excellent, draws, excellent, burns, excellent, all around excellent.
Jonathan in Beit Shemesh, Israel November 20, 2008
Georges Reserve Robusto
"As good or better than cigars twice the price"
I received this in a free bonus sampler, so I wasn't expecting much. This baby knocked my socks of from the very first puff. Reminds me of a sweet Dunhill I used to smoke. Mine was aged over a month, which may be the secret. I see myself stocking up on this bargain and smoking more often.
Joel in St Louis November 10, 2008
Georges Reserve Robusto
"Bucket of suck"
The cigar was so bitter I toss'd it a quarter down. I lit up Los Blancos to test my palet and found the old palet was working fine.
Earl in New England October 24, 2008
Georges Reserve Lonsdale
"Switching to a new favorite"
Beautiful 3 inch ash all the way to the label. To enjoy it best: a cup of chickory/coffee with sweet cream and a nice fire. Mild but complex. Consistent all the way to the nub - and I actually smoked it to the NUB.
The Professor in Bozeman October 21, 2008
Georges Reserve Robusto
"Wasn't Impressed ..."
Not a good taste ...
M.J.M. in Philadelphia October 18, 2008
Georges Reserve Robusto
"ok for a $3 stick"
came in a free sampler. I wouldn't buy a box at normal price
rick in mesa September 29, 2008
Georges Reserve Corona
"Good daily cigar when aged"
I bought these as a deal and were my first box purchased. Letting it sit in my humidor for a few months seemed to help and make it more creamier. I'm not sure how this can be considered an expensive cigar given that it's $80 for 25 (about $3.20 per stick).I got the Coronas and have found them to have to a creamy, nutty flavour that remains consistent throughout. The ash can flake off too quickly but otherwise it burns consistently. I'll be ordering again, especially if there is another 2-for-1 box deal.
Linus in New York September 5, 2008
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