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Georges Reserve Robusto Reviews [view details]

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"Bucket of suck"
The cigar was so bitter I toss'd it a quarter down. I lit up Los Blancos to test my palet and found the old palet was working fine.
Earl in New England October 24, 2008
"Wasn't Impressed ..."
Not a good taste ...
M.J.M. in Philadelphia October 18, 2008
"ok for a $3 stick"
came in a free sampler. I wouldn't buy a box at normal price
rick in mesa September 29, 2008
I've been an Oliva smoker for some time and Georges Reserve was a big disappointment.
GS in San diego September 4, 2008
"not a premium cigar..."
I was very let down on this cigar for one reason...taste, i was bored with this cigar. Nothing stood out, and have even had better experiances with cheap bundle cigars. To each's own I suppose. This cigar is def. not for me.
peter in wayland, MI March 21, 2008
"Georges Reserve Robusto doesn't disappoint!"
I was very pleasantly surprised with this cigar. It's well constructed and remains strong throughout the entire smoking process. The appearance of the cigar is superb. For the price of this cigar its a must have!
Keith Friedman in Tokyo Japan April 1, 2007
"Please change the marketing of this cigar..."
Dear Mr. Zaretsky, Thank you for pricing George's Reserve to in a manner to encourage me to try. The robusto is quite tasty, well constructed (thank you Oliva), and one of the nicest early-day cigars I've run across, but the band is completely worthless and cheesy. I took all the sticks out of the cello, put them back in the box and aged them a month, and they already are improving nicely. Supreme with coffee.
FishNWCigar in Pacific NW March 21, 2007
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