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"Really Nice, Mild Smoke"
Perfect burn and draw, ash held for half the cigar and was white. If you want a consistent mild cigar, without complexity, but good nutty flavor, this would do it.
Hay in Boston March 24, 2014
"Good mild smoke"
I read some other reviews criticizing this stick for lack of complexity, etc. but I think for a mild smoke, this is a nice, smooth light cigar and it was intended to be a little less intense. So, for what it is, this was a very nice, smooth flavorful MILD cigar.
Brad in Baltimore January 6, 2014
"Nice Combination of Cream n Spice"
One of my favorites and reasonable priced to boot! The combination of wrapper and binder gives this cigar a very unique flavor that is spicier than most Connecticuts but milder than full flavored cigars. A nice cigar to enjoy after a full flavored cigar in the same day. Consistent burn and draw after only a week in the humidor. I m on my second box of these sticks. sticks.
Bruce D in Boston November 17, 2013
"So, So"
This wasn't as impressive as the Toro that came in an Oliva sample pack. The flavor seemed to be lacking this time around, and the burn was more fickle. Maybe they require a couple of months in the humidor?
Stefan in San Francisco September 9, 2013
"Wow, Great Smoke for the Money"
Just got these, what a cigar. After reading some of the reviews I was not sure, but this cigar draws well, smells and taste awesome for the $$$$.
JoeF in Maryland July 11, 2013
"Bleh. didnt even finish"
This has the taste and complexity of a cigarette. Draw is very good but that's about it. The wrapper fell apart, the taste was awful. If you get one in a sampler, give it to someone you don't like.
Josh in Alabama April 6, 2013
"Save your time/money"
Draws fine, looks fine, smells fine but its just not an amazing cigar. No flavor, a little smoke, but nothing that would make you want to buy it again or smoke it again. I got 5, I smoked 2, friends smoked the other 3, all agree they are not the best mild cigars. Better luck next time, Georges.
Larry in PA July 1, 2010
"A Very Unique Mild Conn"
I'm usually a full body smoker, and don't care for the intense creaminess of most mild Connecticut wrapper cigars. I don't know if it's the Ecuadorian wrapper or the Cameroon binder, but this one is very earthy, with a nice natural toasty sweetness, and only a hint of cream. Well, made, excellant draw, but none of that overpowering, sickly sweet cream. So, if you're a fan of creamy Connecticuts, this is probably not the smoke for you, but if you normally enjoy full body cigars, and are looking for a full flavor, mild, early morning smoke, you may wish to give this one a try. It has become a staple in my humi.
David in North Carolina June 21, 2009
"I love these"
I love these cigars. The combination of wrappers is mild and spicy and they consistently burn and draw well. They're reasonably priced and never disappoint me.
Martin in Colorado December 10, 2008
"As good or better than cigars twice the price"
I received this in a free bonus sampler, so I wasn't expecting much. This baby knocked my socks of from the very first puff. Reminds me of a sweet Dunhill I used to smoke. Mine was aged over a month, which may be the secret. I see myself stocking up on this bargain and smoking more often.
Joel in St Louis November 10, 2008
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