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GH2 By Gran Habano Reviews

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Gran Habano GH2 Test Flight
"decent at price point"
they are decent cigars as a beginner i found them to be on par with what a cigar i can find at this price. they aren't too fantastic but they are by no means bad they have a consistent burn and rich smoke but nothing bad something i would recommend to a beginner looking to get their feet wet
Cole in Beloit WI February 24, 2013
Gran Habano GH2 Robusto
"Give it some time"
I've received several of the robustos in samplers over the past year. I'll say up front that they are inconsistent when it comes to flavor - some were bland and one-dimensional, others flavorful with a bit of complexity. Given some time in my humi they become a pretty decent smoke especially given the price point.
JK in Louisiana February 14, 2013
Gran Habano GH2 Robusto
like the look of the cigar but when i went to smoke it i immediately spit it out... horrible draw and crappy smoke dont waste your money the best gran habano is either corojo #5 or the gran habana conneticut
Will in Kentucky November 12, 2012
Gran Habano GH2 Churchill
"ok yard gar"
tried 3/4 off truck not good 6mo in humi is ok cheap gar got free bundle would not pay for them to weak/not much smoke
bill in green bay WI September 17, 2012
Gran Habano GH2 Epicure
These are just ok, the current reviews may speak too highly of them from what i have experienced. Every cigar i have smoked, 8 already, have unraveled as soon as they were cut and the sweet spice of a habano is not part of this cigar
danny in eagle ID July 30, 2012
Gran Habano GH2 Robusto
I have now ordered 2 bundles over the course of about 6 months. When they are on, they are on. Unfortunately i have ran into more than a few that had a bad burn, many tight spots and several relights. Along with that they burned uneven and started looking like high back chairs. The taste is good and consistent but they sure are alot of work.
Andrun in Tx May 5, 2012
Gran Habano GH2 Test Flight
"I like these"
I bought these and the gran Habano sampler and I really like these the most. I could make this a everyday smoke. With this sampler you smoke 3 different sizes and they are all consistent and taste good..
DonB in VA April 4, 2012
Gran Habano GH2 Robusto
"Descent cigar`"
Ive had alot of bad cigars and this aint one..
DonB in Va March 16, 2012
Gran Habano GH2 Gordo
"Tastes okay, draw too tight, won't stay lit."
I got this cigar in a sampler. Taste is okay. Started out too spicy for me but quickly mellowed. The problem is the draw is much too stiff, and I can't keep it lit, even after piercing. Still, I'd smoke another one.
Eric in South Carolina December 8, 2011
Gran Habano GH2 Churchill
"Excellent Value"
For the money (depending what you buy them for) this is a very good cigar. While they are inconsistent in their burn and taste, I didn't get a disappointing one in the bundle. Great for walking the dog, on the links, or sharing with those friends who always burn, but never buy. Would certainly buy them again.
Jay P. in Florida November 23, 2011
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