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"my favorite mid priced cigar"
I love this cigar. After smoking super strong cigars for a year I'm really appreciating the milder sticks again. The Gispert is beautiful to look at, draws and burns perfectly, and you'll smoke this until it burns your fingers. Very simple taste but it's my favorite evening cigar.
Les Muller in Central CA October 22, 2010
"Super Smooth.............."
At first I thought this was too mild but after a few more this is another great mild woody cigar, nothing else in the way of other flavors but thats ok the cedar grew in strength so I really enjoyed this one at the end, what a great finish. the construction and burn was flawless and the smoke was comming out in clouds, mellow aroma overall I would give this a solid 9 for mild smokes anyone just starting out must try this fine stick I will be getting more.
Ken in Sammamish Washington August 17, 2010
MIKE in FORT LAUDERDALE April 22, 2008
"Certainly not bad, but is dissapointing"
This cigar is very well constructed and upon lighting it had some good flavors. However, it became very mild and the draw was very tough. Know that draw problems may be present in only that box so don't be afraid to try them. It had a good finish, but was too mild for my taste. If you like mild cigars then this one is pretty good.
Danny L. in Texas February 17, 2008
"What a great smoke for the money"
This cigar is great out of the box and gets even better aged in the hummidor. This is a top end Mild smoke, it starts off strong and after about 2 minutes it mellows out and is enjoyable to the end.
George in MD December 20, 2007
Like the excellent Maduro from Gispert these are very under rated.Very mild but bomb proof in quality and construction. They are not amasing at holding an ash but this is made up for by no other problems . Ideal for a morning,garden or walkabout smoke.... Roy.R
CreekEnd in UK October 27, 2007
"Not what I expected"
After reading all the good reviews I expected more taste in the Gispert, including the favorable Cigar Aficianado review of Gispert. Drew very well, good looking and burned good, but not that much taste. I must be smoking too many medium cigars, maybe. I've found that most cigars taste best fresh out of the box, but a lot of folks are claiming to age cigars in the Humi first, so I'll give that a shot.
S. Tufte in Topeka Kansas October 11, 2007
"perfect mild but flavoursome smoke"
These scream quality at a give away price. These like the Occidental reserve by Alec Bradley are a really pleasant relaxing smoke for any depressing day in the UK.
creekend in UK July 9, 2007
"Best Smoke in its price range yet!"
Great draw & taste. I have had cigars that cost twice as much and not as good!
Tony gambardella in Stratford Ct August 22, 2005
"Outstanding Smoke, Great Value"
High ratings and low cost prompted me to buy my first box (think I'm on # 7 now). Great taste, starts strong, then mellows, then the last 2 inches are just wonderful, complex, woody, nutty, thick copious clouds of smoke. Occasional construction issues, and I've had a few develop minor splits on the foot, but doesn't affect the burn. They're great right out of the box, and the packaging is impressive too, full width cedar sheets between layers. Great for an everyday cigar, but too nice to waste while mowing the lawn - these should be savored slowly while you're paying attention. You'll swear its a Cameroon that cost 3 times the price.
Rick Daugherty in Connecticut March 4, 2005
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