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Gispert Reviews

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Gispert Toro
"good looking with no personality"
I have basically been a daily cigar smoker for the past 35 years. I usually prefer medium-to-full and double ligero strength smokes, but couldn't resist trying this beautifully wrapped Gispert at a discounted price. It even came with a nice ashtray, so what could go wrong? I knew it would be milder than the others in my humidor and figured that option might be nice occasionally. Draw before lighting: Very creamy wrapper with nutty flavors. 1/3: decent, but faint aroma with little taste to describe. 2/3: same as first third, but with a beautiful even ash. 3/3: immature tobacco flavor with extreme burnt toast taste overtaking anything positive. Conclusion: I still feel like this cigar would be great for the beginner and could mature into something respectable if left alone in the humidor for 12 months.
Pappy in East Texas January 26, 2013
Gispert Cortos (10)
"Smokes just like the big boys"
The short smokes smoke and taste like the grown-up Gisperts. Absolutely and excellent yardwork cigar here in the deep South. Boo-yah!
Billy Bob Sixpack in Valdosta, Ga. July 11, 2012
Gispert Robusto
"Smooth smoke"
Good smooth smoke all the way through.
Blair in Minnesota July 6, 2012
Gispert Robusto
"Awesome cigar and price!"
I really enjoyed this Gispert robusto from start to finish. It is sweet and has an excellent draw and burn to it. Ash built up halfway down the cigar while smoking. It burned evenly throughout. Will buy again!
Chuck in FL July 1, 2012
Gispert Churchill
"Very nice."
First time I've had these, and was very surprised. I felt that they were a good looking cigar, with even burn, and great draw. I tend to like a mild cigar, and there are just what I was lookig for. I have no trouble keeping these around.
Jim in Minnesota September 24, 2011
Gispert Churchill
"Smooth and Mild"
I have smoked these regularly for the last year, I try different one but always come back to these as they are smooth and mild , which is what I like in an everyday cigar
Cue in Huntington Beach August 22, 2011
Gispert Cortos (10)
Excellent small smoke for special but time limited occasions
Robert Mobley in Great Falls, VA August 4, 2011
Gispert Robusto
"Excellent cigar & excellent service from FAMOUS"
Gispert Robusto lives up to expectation that it is mild and a true Honduran cigar. FAMOUS's customer service and pricing is the best I have experienced!
Alan Leavitt in LaVerne, California June 22, 2011
Gispert Robusto
"nice mild smoke"
I keep trying to find something wrong with this cigar but can't.
Alan Leavitt in LaVerne, California June 22, 2011 March 8, 2011
Gispert Robusto
"Wont be my first choice next time"
I found it burning hot, the smoke would burn the moth. A very high smell to it.
Darrin Pachman in Trinidad Tobago January 27, 2011
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