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Gispert Reviews

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Gispert Robusto
"Great value"
This is my favorite everyday smoke. Burns consistant. Smooth draw. Nice mild taste. A pretty good looking cigar and excellent QC for the money.
Druss in Oregon January 20, 2011
Gispert Churchill
"Great value"
This is the best everyday cigar I smoke. Lights good. Mild draw. very good QC for the price.
David in Oregon January 20, 2011
Gispert Churchill
"Make it a little stronger"
Good price in a overpriced cigar world,get rid of the taxes,America. Needs some stronger notes and it would rate 95 easy.
Joe in Brooklyn November 18, 2010
Gispert Belicoso
"my favorite mid priced cigar"
I love this cigar. After smoking super strong cigars for a year I'm really appreciating the milder sticks again. The Gispert is beautiful to look at, draws and burns perfectly, and you'll smoke this until it burns your fingers. Very simple taste but it's my favorite evening cigar.
Les Muller in Central CA October 22, 2010
Gispert Toro
"A Great Mild Smoke"
This cigar keeps flying under the radar. I have been smoking cigars for over 40 years and if you want a mild-med. smoke with plenty of flavor this is the one. I'll compare these anytime to Rocky Patel Connecticut; Finck's Charles the Great; Macanudo or even Montecristo at a fraction of the price.
James Chmelicek in Albuquerque, NM October 17, 2010
Gispert Toro
"good everyday smoke"
Burn and draw were ok - smoke was nice and mild. good deal.
JTW in SLC, UT August 21, 2010
Gispert Belicoso
"Super Smooth.............."
At first I thought this was too mild but after a few more this is another great mild woody cigar, nothing else in the way of other flavors but thats ok the cedar grew in strength so I really enjoyed this one at the end, what a great finish. the construction and burn was flawless and the smoke was comming out in clouds, mellow aroma overall I would give this a solid 9 for mild smokes anyone just starting out must try this fine stick I will be getting more.
Ken in Sammamish Washington August 17, 2010
Gispert Toro
"Bad draw equals bad cigar in my book."
Taste is ok but the draw on a box of these is very inconsistent. Most of them have a very difficult draw making the smoke an unpleasant effort. Until they learn better way of wrapping...waste of time and money.
Cherokee in Texas May 11, 2010
Gispert Lonsdale
"Best Value--Period! Genuinely Creamy Wrapper"
This is the most noticeably "creamy" feeling to the lips cigar (not tasting) I've ever smoked. In fact in over 10yrs., it is the only one with that unique sensation once it is moistened by the lips . I'm not sure why the wrapper feels that way, but it does. The smoke-strength is a nice break for the palate after smoking big-tasting/strong cigars. I would put it in the Mild-Medium range. The taste is a pleasant, middle-of-the-road type. I have not experienced what the one reviewer was talking about as far as consistency (been buying them for years), but I've always found the burn to be fairly true (no canoeing). However, I usually re-humidify my cigars BEFORE smoking. If after that process I have burn issues, then I place the blame on the cigar's quality. FYI--A gadget I purchased years ago was a cigar 'poker'. It looks a bit like a kabob skewer and is used by placing the cigar in the accompanying plastic 'trough' to cradle it while the poker is pushed through the center of the entire cigar's length. It takes less than a minute and helps to revive most tightly packed or poor drawing stogies.
K.P. in Southern California February 26, 2010
Gispert Robusto
"Can't beat this mild smoke"
I'm a regular Joe with a 3-4 stick a day habit. I don't taste cocoa or cedar or hints of spice. What I do get is that for just over 2 bucks a stick you can't go wrong if you like mild cigars. Great construction, burn and draw with a really smooth mild taste that doesn't fry your palate after 1 or 2. Great smoke with coffee, iced tea or a really smooth light (summery) beer. Gets lost with anything bolder than that.
George in NYC February 5, 2010
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