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Gispert Robusto Reviews [view details]

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"Wont be my first choice next time"
I found it burning hot, the smoke would burn the moth. A very high smell to it.
Darrin Pachman in Trinidad Tobago January 27, 2011
"Great value"
This is my favorite everyday smoke. Burns consistant. Smooth draw. Nice mild taste. A pretty good looking cigar and excellent QC for the money.
Druss in Oregon January 20, 2011
"Can't beat this mild smoke"
I'm a regular Joe with a 3-4 stick a day habit. I don't taste cocoa or cedar or hints of spice. What I do get is that for just over 2 bucks a stick you can't go wrong if you like mild cigars. Great construction, burn and draw with a really smooth mild taste that doesn't fry your palate after 1 or 2. Great smoke with coffee, iced tea or a really smooth light (summery) beer. Gets lost with anything bolder than that.
George in NYC February 5, 2010
"Best part is the price"
Bitter leaves an unplseant aftertaste that lingers for quite a while. Thank goodness I didn't spend alot, bought two boxes, what a mistake. Marduo was not much better.
Rich Grassnig in Ohio June 30, 2009
"Good cigar, Good value"
My good friend, Gerry, turned me on Gispert's and he only smokes the finest cigars. A Great cigar and good value. "Heaven can wait, this is almost paradise."
Big Al in Robbinsdale, Minnesota June 17, 2009
"Outstanding is not the word"
ORGASMIC is the correct word.This robusto has it all from start to finish.One fine cigar. Try one if you want true pleasure. Trust me, I have been smoking cigars for 30 years.
Roger in Sylvania Ohio October 7, 2008
"Best Smoke for the Value"
A friend told me about Gispert so I bought a box of the robusto's. One of the best I have smoked. Even better was the price.
Brandon in Bozeman August 21, 2008
"One of the best for the money"
I have been smoking these for a few months now and they are the "most bang for your buck" that I have found. You can find less expensive stogies but they will not come close to the quality of these Gisperts.
Patrick in Texas May 9, 2008
"Great cigar, never had a bad one."
Always enjoyed a Gispert, great cigar.
Mike in MA. April 30, 2008
"harsh, start to finish"
the first few puffs are ok then it gets harsher till the end.won't waste my money on these.go for the maduro instead.
larry in wisconsin April 25, 2008
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10 Construction (90) 100
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