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Gispert Toro Reviews [view details]

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Good appearance and construction on the outside. It has some burn problems though, but they taper off after the first half. But it had plenty of flavor comparable to a much more expensive Monte. Good nutty mild flavor that gets stronger as it burns. For the money this is a VERY good cigar.
Charles D in Irving, Tx May 2, 2007
"Bought a Toro 5-pack sampler."
I am usually very dissapointed with low cost samples I try, but I just finished my second toro from a 5-pack Gispert sampler and ended up ordering 2 boxes. With a mild taste and burn, this is an excellent morning cigar and I look forward to passing them out on the golf course. Holds its flavor till the end with no harsh burn.
Kevin Tillhof in KS April 20, 2007
"Very good for the money!"
Very good for $2 per cigar.
Weldon in Colorado Springs November 28, 2006
"Best three dollar smoke you can have"
Terrific mild smoke, a great breakfast cigar, usually my first stick of the day. Great roll, super nice flavor. Never had one that didn't draw easy. I favor the toro, but the churchill is also a nice shape/size. Give the Gispert maduro a try too. Box pressed, full of flavor, best three dollar box pressed-maduro going.
Mulehead in Easton, PA. November 24, 2006
"A real winner"
Okay so I'm not a sophisticated aficionado. I'm not able to tell you that the Gispert Toro is exceptionally flavorful, with a hint of spice and a taste of old sweat socks. But as the old cliché goes, I do know what I like, and this cigar is definitely one of them. For me the six characteristics of a great cigar all boiled down equal this. Does it taste good, draw well, burn evenly, and when it's burned so far down it's singing the band, you wish it was about two inches longer? Looks like I got a winner.
Gene in Highlands Ranch, CO September 11, 2006
"Perfectly made, but way too mild..."
Everything said about this cigar by the other reviewers is correct, but my taste tends toward considering Fuente a mild cigar. This is full-bodied, creamy (however, not like a Cubano is creamy), a touch too dry on the palate, and just plain disappointing. Toward the last third, it began to show some nice flavors, then turned quickly bitter. I wish that I liked it as much as everyone else as the price is great.
Wine Guy in Santa Rosa, CA September 5, 2006
"Nice for the Price"
I am a Dominican smoker but will try just about anything; this Honduran was a nice surprise. I Bought the Gispert sampler and was not disappointed with any of the sizes, smooth, mild and flavorful good draw and good construction. I will most likely buy again the Toro 5 pack is 13 and change you can't go wrong at that price.
chris in NYC May 21, 2006
"Good Mild Puffer"
This is a good mild smoke. The price is right. However, it's a bit ugly. Still, all in all, it's worth a bit of moolah and a few moments. None will be wasted.
doctom in Hot Springs, Arkansas April 25, 2006
"Gispert Churchill"
A great value for the new and experienced cigar smoker. Construction, taste, aroma, are in the top quartile. Look........ for a stick thats about less than three dollars....... is an excellent buy. If you like mild to medium body smoke its for you. I have had all the different ring gages and they are good to excellent. Those who are pointing out draw problems and flavor weakness I suggest they look at their humidor as part of the problem. Further, these cigars are not rolled by the elite rollers that touch the more expensive lines. If you have a draw problem, quit the bitchin and buy a two dollar poker. get it. Thats what makes what we do exciting you never know what the next smoking experience will be like. You will never be sorry buying a Gispert. They are right next to my Nat Shermans and Romeo's. There you go now go get a box and enjoy your smokes!
Mark Kyser in Michigan December 21, 2005
"Outstanding if you like mild smokes"
Had my first one from the box a couple days ago, and it was great. The second and third were just as enjoyable. Perfect burn with a light draw. Just a bit too mild for me, but at this price I'll always keep these on hand for my guests. The taste is very similar to Macanudo's Hyde Park...very mild, almost creamy tasting.
Todd in California July 28, 2005
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