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Gispert Toro Reviews [view details]

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"good looking with no personality"
I have basically been a daily cigar smoker for the past 35 years. I usually prefer medium-to-full and double ligero strength smokes, but couldn't resist trying this beautifully wrapped Gispert at a discounted price. It even came with a nice ashtray, so what could go wrong? I knew it would be milder than the others in my humidor and figured that option might be nice occasionally. Draw before lighting: Very creamy wrapper with nutty flavors. 1/3: decent, but faint aroma with little taste to describe. 2/3: same as first third, but with a beautiful even ash. 3/3: immature tobacco flavor with extreme burnt toast taste overtaking anything positive. Conclusion: I still feel like this cigar would be great for the beginner and could mature into something respectable if left alone in the humidor for 12 months.
Pappy in East Texas January 26, 2013
"A Great Mild Smoke"
This cigar keeps flying under the radar. I have been smoking cigars for over 40 years and if you want a mild-med. smoke with plenty of flavor this is the one. I'll compare these anytime to Rocky Patel Connecticut; Finck's Charles the Great; Macanudo or even Montecristo at a fraction of the price.
James Chmelicek in Albuquerque, NM October 17, 2010
"good everyday smoke"
Burn and draw were ok - smoke was nice and mild. good deal.
JTW in SLC, UT August 21, 2010
"Bad draw equals bad cigar in my book."
Taste is ok but the draw on a box of these is very inconsistent. Most of them have a very difficult draw making the smoke an unpleasant effort. Until they learn better way of wrapping...waste of time and money.
Cherokee in Texas May 11, 2010
"Superb construction that misses a little on flavor"
From first laying eyes on this cigar I was impressed. The construction was beautiful. Very tight and firm cigar with a very clean and buttery wrapper. Upon lighting this Toro I found a very mild flavor, so mild unfortunately that it left something to be desired. I had troubles picking up any tones and was left searching for flavor with each puff. The draw was a bit more difficult than I prefer but by no means bad. Consistency was there perfectly from the first puff to the last. The burn was also nice and even without harshness at the end. Overall a very good cigar for the price, but I'll keep searching for that "every day" gar.
Troy in St. Louis November 25, 2009
"Improving with time....."
Bought a 5 pack of the Toros (Connecticut) a few months ago. Looked good. Smoked one right out of the package. Draw and burn was good, But it didn't taste good. It had an unpleasant tangy, "whang" (for the lack of a better word) taste. Tried another about a week later...same thing. Hmmm....I left the other 3 in the humidore and pretty much forgot about them. A couple of months passed and a couple days ago I was rummaging around in the humi, looking for something different than my "regulars" to smoke. Grabbed one of the Gisperts and fired it up. Much better than before. The whang was gone anyway. I dunno... While I wouldn't call it great, its still an OK cigar. There are better, cheaper cigars out there. Don't think I'll be buying a box.
Mark in Illinois June 6, 2009
"Great Bargain but not GREAT!"
Well worth the money but not mind-blowing. Excellent construction, draws seems a little tight but not bad compared to almost all others in the same price range. Flavor is very good and also better than most bargains. The Glass Tubo was very nicely done and the box/presentation makes it look like a MUCH MORE expensive cigar. If you like bargains, this is a excellent choice, I reviewed the 5-pack because I suggest trying it first (like most other competitively priced cigars).
Jeff in Overseas April 18, 2009
"Just OK"
I purchased the Gispert Toro 5-pack based upon the reviews on this site. Overall it's an ok cigar. It's well-constructed with a good draw, but the taste was pretty bland. I smoked the first two and really *tried* to like them, but the taste and aroma was ultimately just too boring (for me). I threw away the remaining three cigars. Just not for me.
Mark in Michigan September 13, 2008
"Good smoke for the money."
Have purchased Gisperts several times. Good value for the everyday smokers.
Steve in Franklin, Tn March 1, 2008
"Outstanding Cigar"
Just finished smoking my first Gispert Toro. Who ever said this is a mild smoke must have a palate of leather. This without question is a medium to full bodied smoke. The construction was near perfect with no visible flaws. The balance of the box appear the same. The burn was consistent and even throughout. The flavor of the cigar was excellent with a robust tobacco flavor that was complex and varied throughout the smoke. It has tones of woody flavor with a slight creamy taste toward the end. This cigar keeps your interest to the end and is no cigar for the faint hearted or novice. This is definintely a cigar for the experienced cigar smoker who has an appreciation of the blenders art. This cigar reminds one of the full flavored cubans prior to the embargo. This is one excellent cigar that has a perfect draw, complex flavors, volumes of robust smoke and is a pleasure to enjoy. It's difficult to believe at less than $2.50 per stick one can light up a delicious quality cigar like this.
Don McGuire in AZ September 11, 2007
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10 Construction (93) 100
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