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God Of Fire Reviews

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God Of Fire Carlito Double Robusto Tubos
"Absolute Must"
These cigars have absolutely ruined me for any other cigar I have ever tried including some Cubans. Smooth, strong, delicious. I find the Macallan Directors Edition scotch to be an excellent pairing with these cigars.
Bigdog MD in Honolulu HI July 18, 2014
God Of Fire Don Carlos Toro
"The best"
This is my favorite cigar period. Complex smoke that hit all 5 taste sensations on the tongue with a chocolate,fruity,spicy flavor.Construction is flawless with a razor sharp burn.
Dr Jeff in Plantation, Fl January 30, 2014
God Of Fire Don Carlos Robusto Tubos
"One Of The Best-EVER!"
Picked one up on Cigarbid.com. I am a huge fan of fuller bodied cigars. This was not a disappointment. From the initial toasting to almost burning my fingers when done this cigar was absolutley one of the best I have EVER smoked, period. The one I had was a 2009 by Don Carlos. My go to brands are the 601 Red , Man of War Ruination, Don Pepin Blue , and San Lotano Habano. I also like the Padron 1926 and My Father Le Bijou 1922. The God of Fire was a full bodied/full flavored delight that needs to be experienced. If you can afford to, treat yourself to these intoxicating sticks. You won t be sorry.
Francis O Keefe in Beverly,NJ May 27, 2013
La Floridita Fuerte
Iron Horse