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"Nice Reasonably Priced Cigar"
Lyle Smith in WA November 28, 2013
"Pick Something Else"
Not worth the savings. Had much better luck for a daily smoke with machine-made cigars like Philly Titans or GyV. More expensive per stick but they burn twice as long. These things are poorly made and burn fast.
LifeOnAString in NE May 21, 2013
"My regular smoke"
Smoke'em everyday. This is a great buy.
Frank D in New Mexico January 13, 2012
"Great machine made cigar"
Best machine made cigar I have found, good size, quality & price. Largest size machine made cigar I could find. Secret for me is to remove wraper & let cigar dry out before smoking.
Joe N in Linden, NJ September 9, 2011
"A pleasant surprise"
I'd run low on heco a mano's and tried a box of these on a whim. The construction on the head is terrible, so I clip 'em. Out of the box they tasted like lightly mentholated cardboard, but after a few months unwrapped and held at 70 RH they present a light and powdery floral flavor that I find very pleasant. Excellent cigar when you're down with a cold and you need the comfort, but just can't handle that Indian Tabac Super Fuerte. Good in the parlor, lost out of doors.
Rainman in Franklin MA June 17, 2011
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10 Taste (73) 100
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10 Construction (59) 100
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