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"Cheap but good."
I bought these because they are cheap and because of this, I wasn't expecting a whole lot. What I got surprised me because you get a lot for the money. They are not very pretty but they do taste good. Keep in mind these taste a bit flavored but nothing overpowering and honestly, I like the taste which is why I'll buy another batch. The wrappers do come off easily but just don't manhandle them and you'll be OK.
Graham D in Rochester, NY July 28, 2013
"Cheap price, cheap cigar. Not bad but not good."
I'm a college student so money is a rare commodity which makes these a perfect buy. The size makes it so it is a nice quick smoke and the quality is consistent given that they are rejects. The problems are usually small blemishes of wrappers or of the caps and nothing that compromises the draw and smoke much. The burn isn't the best and will usually go uneven. The plus really is the price and the size which for me means a quick smoke which is usually what I like. For the price, you get what you paid for, quantity over quality.
Graham in Rochester, NY March 11, 2012
"excellent value cigar"
If you are forced to smoke 'inexpensive' cigars as I am, these cigars give great value for their cost.
michael frysinger in virginia April 22, 2011
"just a nice everyday smoke"
When I first started developing a taste for cigars I went to my local tobacco shop with a walk in humidor. I bought a good days Churchill for $1.76, a three dollar cigar, a five dollar and an eight dollar cigar. I found that I preferred the good days. Now with my collection at over 700 I still find that the Good Days Perfecto is a nice 35 min walk with the dog, mild and tasty.
Barry Sherwood in Bloomington MN January 14, 2011
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