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Good Times Cigarillos Reviews

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Good Times Cigarillos Sweet
"Good Times Cigarillos Sweet"
Good Times Cigarillos Sweet are great cigarillos to smoke. I love it.
Jasper in LA August 26, 2014
Good Times Cigarillos Sweet (5)
"Good Times Cigarillos Sweet"
Good Times Cigarillos Sweet
jasper in paso robles ca October 30, 2013
Good Times Black Signature Cigarillos (3)
"More than what was expected."
I was shopping around for cheapo cigars until I had enough money saved up for my big order, and decided to go with these, figuring they'd be like any other cheap cigar, no flavor, hot, bad burn, ext. I was presently surprised that it not only tasted good, but the smell is amazing, and they last a lot longer than I thought, it is thinly packed though so be careful not to squish it, also. It's extremely smoky, so don't smoke it with your car windows rolled up, the price for 90 is amazing, tastes like black cherry, and I found it to be a perfect cheapo for after dinner or on the road. All in all a solid cigar.
Dan in Indiana March 15, 2013
Good Times Cigarillos Grape (5)
Great cigar, great tobacco, smokes great. Jk I just smoke pot out of them and they do the trick marvelously.
tim in pineapple land January 13, 2013
Good Times Cigarillos Grape (5)
Thumbs up!!! No different than Swisher for HALF the price!
Barbara in California September 16, 2011
Good Times Cigarillos Grape (5)
"what tree did these fall off of?"
nasty, nasty cigar. it was like burning a dried twig
Del in Red Deer, Ab. August 10, 2011
Good Times Cigarillos Sweet
"alright for what it is"
It is sweet and pretty mild but it tastes like an inexpensive little cigar with filler. It will do in a pinch.
Andrew in Johnston, IA July 29, 2010
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