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Gran Habano Azteca Reviews

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Gran Habano Azteca El Jaguar
"Amazing Flavor"
I have not had a smoke this fine in a LONG while. This cigar is rich and deep in flavor, but not at all too bold - medium body. This is the best reason to smoke cigars, savoring the depth and complexity of this dark and subtle cigar. Kudos.
Ron Peterson in Atlanta July 12, 2013
Gran Habano Azteca El Aguila
"save your money"
The only good thing about this cigar is the box...rule of thumb, cool box crappy cigar. These taste worse than the ones I've left in the ash try for several days. The burn rate is poor and the ash looks like ash one gets when burning rolled up news paper not a fine gray ash of a good cigar. Stay away from these guys I'm sending mine back.
eric in burbank September 19, 2012
Evolution by Rocky Patel
Rocky Patel Xtreme