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"Disappointingly Bland"
These are beautiful cigars. The burn is excellent, they produce clouds of smoke, the draw is smooth and easy. Unfortunately for what is supposed to be a full flavored smoke, they are the most bland cigars I have ever smoked. I will take another reviewer's suggestion and let them age for a while and try them again, but I do not hold out much hope. I have had cigars mellow or grow more balanced with age but never increase in flavor or strength.
Craig in Minnesota September 3, 2013
"Worst / Best Cigar in One Stick"
Fresh out of the box, it was one of the worst cigar I've ever smoked. Too much moist in the cigar. I put the remaining 19 sticks into my humidor, and the humidity reading was at 79% after having the humidor closed for two days. So I decided to open my humidor up two full days in an air-conditioned room. Humidity level dropped to 62%, which was rather low, I then topped up with gels to moist it up a little, and maintained the humidor at 66-68%. After two months, I took one out and smoked it. And wow, the taste did improve, it became one of my favorite, wasn't perfect, but was at least 1000x better than it was initially. I then left them in my humidor for another additional 2 months, for a total 4 months. The flavor changed drastically, and after aging it for 4 months under the right humidity level, it became my favorite cigar. And within a month, I've smoked up my entire 18 sticks, that's how great it is. I've ordered another 4 boxes (80 sticks), and I will keep them in my humidor for at least 3-4 months before I start smoking em'. As an advice, if you're patient, these can be the best cigars you'd ever get. If you're impatient, these can be the worst cigars smoked out of the box fresh. My review here is based on the fact that these cigars be smoked after 4 months. If I were to rate it out of the box fresh, They're probably worth 20-30 average. I'd rather smoke other cigars that cost $1, that's how bad it is.
Wilson in Las Vegas April 26, 2013
"Holy Smoke!"
This cigar is gorgeous, and starts off with cedar, moist earth and spice notes and then about 1/3 of the way in it blooms into its full deep richness that is a thing of great beauty, and it just keeps getting better. What a great smoke at a reasonable price. Outstanding.
Joe in San Diego December 13, 2012
"Absolutely, without question PERFECT"
Looks gorgeous, burns PERFECTLY, tastes amazon STRAIGHT out of the box. I absolutely can not wait to taste them after a couple months in the humidor!
Mario in June 13, 2012
It is perhaps the best non-cuban money can buy. I am a fan for life!
Big Moose in Lawrenceville, IL. January 8, 2012
"Fabulous,robust,and powerfull"
What a smoke! Incredible aroma and taste. Perfect constuction,draw,and burn! To top it off, the PRICE! YOU GOT TO TRY THESE!
Oreste in Brunswick,Ohio April 18, 2008
10 yrs ago smoked a cuban hoyo double corona, it was the most perfect cigar I smoked. Since, I've been looking for a comparable cigar. Laid my hands on this baby, and this is it. It's strong,balanced, and burned to my fingertips.
Jonathan in Ronkonkoma,NY November 24, 2007
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10 Burn (92) 100
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10 Taste (93) 100
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10 Construction (95) 100
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