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Gran Habano GH2 Epicure Reviews [view details]

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"Very Disappointed: Bitter, Uneven Burn, Inadequate"
I got a couple of these in a freebie long ago. I put them in my humidor a couple of weeks ago and just smoked one. Very bitter of an unpleasant bitterness. Burns uneven. Hard draw and inadequate smoke for the effort. I tossed it halfway through, and I rarely throw a cigar away.
Joe in Quito, Ecuador August 26, 2014
"...nothing special..."
I got one of these in a sampler. It looked nice and that s where it stopped. It lit up ok but there was no taste at all. The cigar canoed the show time. I was glad to be done when it was done.
Joe from Ottawa in Canada August 9, 2014
This stick struggles to be worth the 2 bucks I paid for it 3 including shipping . Poor construction and average taste. I realize you get what you pay for but I have smoked 3 dollar cigars that blow this one away. Look elsewhere
Charles in Oldsmar, Florida July 30, 2014
These are just ok, the current reviews may speak too highly of them from what i have experienced. Every cigar i have smoked, 8 already, have unraveled as soon as they were cut and the sweet spice of a habano is not part of this cigar
danny in eagle ID July 30, 2012
"Solid Cigar"
I can say with certainty, this is a solid cigar. Full flavored, good draw, nice tooth, the total solid package at a fair price!
Mike C. in Chugiak, Alaska June 20, 2011
I received a bundle a little while ago as part of a humidor promo. In the description, it said that they perform best at lower humidity. I would take that a step further, and suggest that they be dry-boxed for several days before smoking. In a well-humidified state, I found them to be almost unsmokeable. After dry-boxing, they became a very decent smoke.
David in NW IN September 6, 2010
"I'll buy these again."
I love a nice full flavored cigar, and these filled the bill for less than 2 bucks each. I would prefer a wrapper with more oil and fewer veins, but then I would be paying $5 a stick. I smoke 'em to the nub.
Jason in Seguin, Texas September 4, 2010
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