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Gran Habano GH2 Robusto Reviews [view details]

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Being a 'beginner' I can't really agree w/the previous reviewer. I've had Monte#2's; Liga Privada 9's and other Top Shelf sticks. However, I can't always afford them for every day enjoyment. As such, I saw this deal and gave it a shot. They arrived looking really nice although a bit dried out and a bit hard. I lit one out of the bundle and it was a bit harsh but finished a little better. I decided to let them 'marinate' in the humidor for a few days before trying again. What a huge difference a few days made! Once renewed to proper moisture the next 2 sticks were VERY enjoyable and relaxing, not harsh at all. Looking forward to the remainders in the humidor. While I will be looking to add more Top Shelf sticks to round out my humidor, I can definitely see me keeping some of these on hand for everyday use.
Dan in Oklahoma September 18, 2010
"Famous Let own"
I discovered these gems spring 2008. Awesome. Just what the market needed with the great recession. A $5 smoke that cost $2. I ordered more this spring (2010). They suck. What happened FS? Huge disappointment. Buyer beware.
in August 4, 2010
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