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Gran Habano GH2 Robusto Reviews [view details]

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Its a great value price and cigars are great flavor. About 3 had bad draw, but get a skewer and poke it through and will be fine. I recommend a v cutter for this one can get some tobacco in your mouth. Otherwise flavor is great and great price and good every day., going to order a second bundle
Bill in mahopac ny April 18, 2014
"Give it some time"
I've received several of the robustos in samplers over the past year. I'll say up front that they are inconsistent when it comes to flavor - some were bland and one-dimensional, others flavorful with a bit of complexity. Given some time in my humi they become a pretty decent smoke especially given the price point.
JK in Louisiana February 14, 2013
like the look of the cigar but when i went to smoke it i immediately spit it out... horrible draw and crappy smoke dont waste your money the best gran habano is either corojo #5 or the gran habana conneticut
Will in Kentucky November 12, 2012
"Descent cigar`"
Ive had alot of bad cigars and this aint one..
DonB in Va March 16, 2012
I had a bad feeling when I unwrapped this cigar - I'll describe the unlit aroma as "shaggy wet dog". That should have told me something. I got a few of these in a variety pack so I had no expectations of either good or bad - but boy was I disapponted. Terrible tasting smoke that did not hold together well. It was one of those cigars that I kept spitting out little bits the more I smoked. I don't know why I finished it.
Phil in Washington, DC October 14, 2011
I got this stick with the 20 for $20 and I wasn't expecting much. The aroma could have been better and the apperance could have been better, too. But, the taste was good and the draw was what I look for in a cigar. However, the construction and burn were outstanding! Perhaps, the best constructed cigar I've ever had. Would I buy this cigar again? Without question, hell yeah!
Big Moose in Lawrenceville, IL. October 2, 2011
"my new daily"
just what i was looking for.
wayne in tn. June 19, 2011
"A pretty decent stick"
Won a bundle of these in an auction. these are by no means the best on the market, but they are worth every penny. The only issue I had with these cigars is that they didnt always burn evenly. Flavor was great though.
Jamie J in Michigan June 14, 2011
"nice and smooth."
I got two of these when I bought a sample pack of The Gran Habano's and when I smoked the GH2 for the first time I was pleasantly surprised with it's smooth taste and easy draw the cigar gave me. This is a top grade cigar and should be on every person's try list if not already one of their go to cigars.
slash1369 in Northern Michigan December 12, 2010
"Well Worth a Shot!!"
My favorite Gran Habano was out of stock so I decided to purchase a bundle of the GH2 going in blind. Knowing that taste varies from person to person I won't mention much other than it's a med/full with a nice peppery kick. The draw was excellent and the burn was razor sharp.
Dan in Ohio October 23, 2010
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10 Construction (71) 100
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