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Gran Habano Hab #3 Rothschild Reviews [view details]

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"A few months in the humi changes everything!"
Wow... I received this smoke as part of a sampler months back.. The first of the pair I smoked and thought it was nice enough but unremarkable (trailing the corojo #5 in prominence within the sampler)... I'd let the other sit at the bottom of my humi for a few months now and lit it up last night thinking "whatever"... Every cigar improves with time in a proper environment.. but WOW, what an unexpected treat.. it was a completely different experience.. the time brought out all types of hidden gems in this smoke... I woke up today still with the subtle complex and flavours of bright tobacco and cedar! (yes I do brush and rinse before bed!!) I loved it. The palette was at times spicy (1st and final 3rd?) and at times rich and thick with heavy, dark, creamy flavours.. Draw was amazing.. Didnt have to relight even once... it was like a $20 stick. Buying another 5 pack to forget about for a few months hahah!
Lenni in New York City September 9, 2012
"Very nice."
Appealing appearance and good construction. Has a very easy draw and a good even burn. The taste is very pleasing to the palate. A must have for any humidor.
Rick in Indiana June 12, 2012
"All I Need"
From the Ton of amazingly thick, aroma pleasing, smoke....to the geogious construction. This is all I need in a cigar (Period). I know reviews are opinions only. Well, in my opinion.....this is a must try.
BC in Baton Rouge August 19, 2010
"Favorite everyday cigar."
I have been smoking these for 4-5 years now. In that time I have smoked most everything. I have about 3-5 cigars a week and I like everything from mild to strong pending the situation. This cigar (all 3 models) I enjoy. I find the construction and draw as good as any on the market(I can say this after 300 of these). Flavor is very good - although I have had better in premium cigars - but very good overall. When you factor in price - there is nothing else that compare in my opinion.
Steve in Chicago June 25, 2010
"Great smoke, great price"
The first time I've tried any of the Gran Habano Rothchilds, it won't be the last. I suppose you have to be a fan to enjoy these as much as I do. The criollo wrapper surrounds the tasty fillers and creates a med-full treat. I can't wait to try the corojo version.
J Perry in SC November 4, 2006
"I didn't care for either one..."
I've had two Gran Habanos. The 1st one turned me white and made me sick. The second one I was bareley a third of the way through it and was hit with what I can only describe as a stale, dry almost a bitter taste. I'm not sure if it wasn't aged right or what. I had the two about 6 months apart so I know they where from a different box.
Brian Schroeder in So Cal October 12, 2006
"Sitting on the fence"
The construction and burn are good. The cigar is very smooth up to the last half and then it gets kinda rough. I am making this review at the tail-end of a 40 stick box. I am not sure yet if I'll order another. Peace
Managuamark in San Antonio September 6, 2006
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