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Gran Habano #1 Connecticut Reviews

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Gran Habano #1 Connecticut Rothschild
"Very very nice cigar!"
I loved this cigar. It has a very consistent burn, was able to smoke it slowly without it going out. Tastes great, smells great, looks great. Will definitely keep in mind to buy more sometime.
Comet Jo in Washington August 13, 2014
Gran Habano #1 Connecticut Rothschild
"Almost an exemplar of mild cigar"
I had a very pleasant experience with this GH #1. It is mild, sure, but not mellow and not void of taste. Great burn from start to finish, no ugly taste artifacts in the last 1/3 of burn. Very smooth and balanced through and through. I personally place it to 89% mark.
Jan in Norfolk, England May 25, 2014
Gran Habano #1 Connecticut Rothschild
"It was Nice"
It was a nice cigar, had great taste and nice rich smoke. I would be inclined to purchase more but the bands were SOOO glued on that they were literally oozing glue out as it was smoked. Any attempt to remove band prior to smoking was tearing the wrap. Other then those construction issues it was nice and mellow. Would buy a box with no bands on them.
A.j. in White Sands Missile Range September 17, 2013
Gran Habano #1 Connecticut Robusto
"Great Smoke"
Great smoke with a nutty coffee flavor and a great draw. Burn is even. Will continue to enjoy these great sticks.
Rob Miller in Florence Montana August 12, 2013
Gran Habano #1 Connecticut Robusto
"Great, Smooth & Tasty Smoke, Well Constructed"
Gran Habano #1 Connecticut Robusto is a great, smooth & tasty smoke - especially if you like a milder cigar. Well constructed & consistent.
USC Man in Las Vegas October 2, 2012
Gran Habano #1 Connecticut Robusto
"Good Smoke"
Not a bad little smoke, mild, easy on the draw, burns good with nice creamy smoke. The light grey ash hung in there pretty good too. I on on keeping these in the Humi.
j'mo in Missouri September 9, 2012
Gran Habano #1 Connecticut Robusto
"I'll pass on this one"
Not enough flavor for my liking. The first cigar, soon after it was lit, developed a separate burn hole about two inches from the lit end and burned clean through. Could be just my luck to get two badly constructed cigars in a row -- can't be sure of that. Typically I like to keep around a few lighter cigars, which this one certainly is, but I won't choose this one again.
G.E. in St. Albans, VT September 8, 2012
Gran Habano #1 Connecticut Rothschild
"Nice Little smoke"
I got this cigar as part of a mild sampler. It's a well-constructed, nicely mild flavored cigar.
John in Mission Viejo June 16, 2012
Gran Habano #1 Connecticut Rothschild
"Not This One."
The #1 is a little to peppery for me. Have smoked 1/2 a box, and they aren't getting any better. I'll stick with the #3's and #5's. They are both great tasting cigars, with an excellent finish.
Bill in Covina, Ca June 3, 2012
Gran Habano #1 Connecticut Rothschild
"Has Got My Attention!"
I had no expectations outside of the good reviews and don't really know what possessed me to outbid others seeking to win these cigars- but I am so glad I did. I usually prefer flavoured (Tabak is my favorite) and sometimes enjoy a Nub as far as non-flavoured go, but these babys have got my attention. This burned evenly, stayed lit after sitting awhile (drew beautifully right off the bat, after I had let it sit and simmer awhile, on first draw!), and just tastes wonderful. I immediately went and sought out more to purchase and will be keeping these handy in my humidor from here on. As you can see from my scores, it's an all around well bit stog, and I am pleased to have taken a chance on them! Sit back and enjoy this smooth ride!
Cwick in Joplin, MO May 17, 2012
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