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Gran Habano #1 Connecticut Reviews

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Gran Habano #1 Connecticut Imperiales
I like 6x60 so decided to give it a try worst decision I made. This cigar does not have a draw at all. Stay away from this one.
Luca in pittsburgh, PA May 4, 2012
Gran Habano #1 Connecticut Imperiales
"No draw"
No draw, gotta work to keep it going.
Ron in USA April 15, 2012
Gran Habano #1 Connecticut Gran Robusto
"Good overall cigar"
I bought a 5 pack based on others reviews and wasn't disappointed. Smooth and consistent throughout the first cigar. Definitely a milder smoke, but a great change up and the robusto is the right size for a quick night cap.
Paul E in Phila, PA September 22, 2011
Gran Habano #1 Connecticut Pyramid
"Pros and Cons"
Cigar stays lit, even waiting 10 mins between puffs. Even burn with a nice mild toasty and nutty flavor. I find the draw to be fine for me but it is similar to the gran robusto and not especially tight. The main con is that the flavor becomes vegetal after the halfway point (same for the gran robusto). But overall a pretty good smoke, especially if you're working outside and not always spending time with your cigar.
Chris in Oregon May 13, 2011
Gran Habano #1 Connecticut Gran Robusto
"Good but..."
A good smoke, but I was expecting a little more from Gran Habano, based primarily on other reviews. The lightly nutty and toasty flavor was almost too mild for the first 2", followed by some much vegetal and green notes during the second half. Overall, I have enjoyed smoking several gran robustos for a good 1.5 hrs each. Just wish there was a little more 'excellent' in the taste.
Chris in Oregon April 12, 2011
Gran Habano #1 Connecticut Shorty Pyramid
"Store out of Nubs tried this Great smoke!!"
Nice mild smoke! Great burn and draw. I love great ash. I tried this when my fave retail store was out of Nubs. I love the #5 Imperial too.
Chris in Oregon April 12, 2011 February 20, 2011
Gran Habano #1 Connecticut Rothschild
"My first Gran Habano."
I had A great experience with this cigar. It had A great flavor profile that I did not expect from A milder cigar. The burn was near perfect with A very thin burn line. I'm not A big fan of mild cigars but this one taught me A lesson. Some mild cigars can deliver A lot of great flavors. I personally scored this cigar A 99, A near perfect smoking experience from A milder cigar. Who would have guessed it? Fifty minutes of sheer smoking pleasure.
Rodney Beckom in Rockmart Ga. February 12, 2011
Gran Habano #1 Connecticut Pyramid
"Not so good very loose cigar"
I find the wrap on this cigar to be sub par at best and a very loose draw. I would pass on these quality is not there.
Zach S in So. CA February 2, 2011
Gran Habano #1 Connecticut Rothschild
"Fine and Mellow"
Smoked one of these last night with a glass of scotch. I usually like stronger cigars, but I found this had a very nice mellow flavor, and smoked clean throughout. Really enjoyed it. Might buy a box in the future.
Dave in NYC October 15, 2010
Gran Habano #1 Connecticut Rothschild
"good smoke for the money but i wouldn't by a box"
It was a good cigar, started off a little spicy but mellowed out into a nice flavor. Fine for the price but I am not clamoring to smoke another. Good but not great.
Dave in NYC October 15, 2010 October 5, 2010
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