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Gran Habano #1 Connecticut Reviews

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Gran Habano #1 Connecticut Rothschild
"Excellent mild-bodied smoke!"
My favorite size of all the Gran Habano #1 sizes. Smokes clean and mild to medium from start to about an inch from the nub. A great mild Honduran. Jump on it!
Ken K in Valdosta, Ga. August 29, 2010
Gran Habano #1 Connecticut Robusto
"Subtle flavor with medium body...."
Has a mild, subtle flavor for a Honduran but enuf body to satisfy any mild/medium-bodied smoker of Dominican or Mexican smokers. Milder than Nicarauguans.
Ken K in Valdosta, Ga. August 29, 2010
Gran Habano #1 Connecticut Pyramid
"A little dissappointed - loose draw."
Smoke 6 out of the box of 20 of Connecticut #1 Pyramid. The draw on each one so far is way too loose, even with the smallest clipping of the end. Not packed correctly in my humble opinion as each one has been the same - too loose, which makes it a bit hot. Gran Robusto and robusto have a far better (correct) draw. Not sure what happen with this box or if it is the 'usual' for the Pyramid. I won't buy these again. 6 out of 20 is not a fluke. Plus they are more expensive!
Tom in Burbank CA August 23, 2010
Gran Habano #1 Connecticut Rothschild
"Excellent, light-bodied flavor for a Nicaraguan!"
Really like this cigar as a light-bodied summertime smoke. its flavor is subtle but consistent. There's no surprises of complexity, just good old-fashioned tobacco taste.
Ken in Valdosta, Ga. July 28, 2010
Gran Habano #1 Connecticut Imperiales
"((( Smooth Smoke )))"
The Gran Habano Connecticut #1 Rothschild, sports a nice smooth, light caramel colored rapper. The burn is even and will easily support a nice clean white one inch ash. Notes of white pepper, and wood sweep through the nose through out the burn. The cigar leaves a creamy, almost soft flavor on the pallet. The approximate burn time for this Rothschild is 50 minuets. On a scale of 1 to 10 I'd rate this cigar 8
Robb in Michigan July 22, 2010
Gran Habano #1 Connecticut Rothschild
"((( Fine Cigar )))"
The Gran Habano Connecticut # 1 Rothschild, is a smooth burning cigar, that sports a nice caramel colored wrapper, that burns well, and easily supports a one inch, light gray ash.This cigar is smooth burning with a creamy light flavor. White pepper and ceder, sweep through the nose throughout the burn. Burn time for this Rothschild is approximately 60 minutes. On a scale of 1 to10, I"d rate this cigar 10... Note---You'll want to smoke this cigar down to a nub.
Robb in Michigan July 9, 2010
Gran Habano #1 Connecticut Gran Robusto
"One of my favorites!"
Wonderful cigar! On the mild side of medium, smooth all the way, No flavor lacking either. Has a richness that I really enjoy. The Gran Rubusto is a big cigar so have some time available to really enjoy it. I have had many robustos also, and they are just as good. Now if Gran Habano will stop raising their prices on these beauties I will be even happier! I will try the torpedo's on my next order.
Tom in Burbank, CA May 29, 2010
Gran Habano #1 Connecticut Rothschild
"Solid mild cigar"
I like a mild cigar for a change of pace, and this one is outstanding. Good burn, solid construction, and very consistent. Even though it's mild, it has good taste unlike some other mild smokes (that have no taste). I usually smoke these on the week-end in the morning with a cup of coffee - great combination and a good way to start the day.
David in Anderson, S.C. May 28, 2010
Gran Habano #1 Connecticut Pyramid
"Delayed Surprise"
Bought a box of these a few months ago, tried a couple and found them bland and boring -- so I tossed them in the humidor, where I ignored them for a time. It's been time well spent -- looks like they just needed some "cooking" to draw out the flavors -- which are outstanding for a mild cigar. I've been smoking these sticks to the nub ever since.
Jim in Baltimore March 24, 2010
Gran Habano #1 Connecticut Rothschild
"Nice 4 the price"
Got 5 today. smooth,flavorfull,easy draw and pleasant!Will buy more!
Chris in Virginia March 6, 2010
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