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Gran Habano #1 Connecticut Gran Robusto Reviews [view details]

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"Good overall cigar"
I bought a 5 pack based on others reviews and wasn't disappointed. Smooth and consistent throughout the first cigar. Definitely a milder smoke, but a great change up and the robusto is the right size for a quick night cap.
Paul E in Phila, PA September 22, 2011
"Good but..."
A good smoke, but I was expecting a little more from Gran Habano, based primarily on other reviews. The lightly nutty and toasty flavor was almost too mild for the first 2", followed by some much vegetal and green notes during the second half. Overall, I have enjoyed smoking several gran robustos for a good 1.5 hrs each. Just wish there was a little more 'excellent' in the taste.
Chris in Oregon April 12, 2011
"One of my favorites!"
Wonderful cigar! On the mild side of medium, smooth all the way, No flavor lacking either. Has a richness that I really enjoy. The Gran Rubusto is a big cigar so have some time available to really enjoy it. I have had many robustos also, and they are just as good. Now if Gran Habano will stop raising their prices on these beauties I will be even happier! I will try the torpedo's on my next order.
Tom in Burbank, CA May 29, 2010
"Love it!"
This is my favorite cigar. Nice and mild but very flavorful also very affordable. One thing I have learned is that price does NOT dictate quality. This is my everyday smoke.
Xavier in Georgia June 30, 2009
"The best for the money"
An amazing smoke!! I love this cigar!!!
Go Giants!! in Georgia November 26, 2008
"now one of my favorites"
had a chance to meet george rico at famous smoke shop and try one of these so i bought a box after trying one I`am hooked what a buy keep up the good work george.
andy in pa. March 16, 2008
"Cigar Insider" gave the Gran Robusto #1 a rating of 83 in May 2004 and "Cigar Aficianado" rated it 89 just a year later, indicating unpredicable quality in this line. The "Cigar Insider" taster noted "grassy and vegetal notes," while the "CA" taster claimed "...rich wood flavors and some earth, with some complementary spices on the palate..." Both thought it a medium- to full-bodied smoke. At 6 inches and 54 rings, it is a classic robusto. The one I am finishing now I recieved from Famous last week and has spent the intervening time laying up in my humidor at 70 percent RH at 70F. It is woody with earth tones, but not overpoweringly so. There is just a hint of harshness as the burn prgresses, but you would have to have a sensitive palate to taste it. I think another week in the humidor would cure that. The aftertaste is creamy and satisfying. The burn is clean with a white ash and no tunneling. At roughly $3.80/stick, I'd rate this a best buy and highly recommend it. But who knows what next season's will taste like?
Mark in Annapolis, MD January 15, 2008
"great cigar"
Consistently draws well, tastes good and burns nicely. All at a great value. Can't beat it with a stick.
tio pablo in US November 25, 2007
"Pretty good, but i like some others better"
This was a true smoke lovers cigar. Thick smoke came from this cigar, and it had the easiest draw of any cigar I have had. The flavor was good, but got a bit bitey at the end. I like the Cao gold Double Corona better for a mild cigar
Reg in Florida September 2, 2007
"I think these are great!"
I have enjoyed every one of these I have smoked! I can't give a bigger compliment than that.
Wes Cooper in Missouri August 19, 2007
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