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Gran Habano #1 Connecticut Pyramid Reviews [view details]

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"Pros and Cons"
Cigar stays lit, even waiting 10 mins between puffs. Even burn with a nice mild toasty and nutty flavor. I find the draw to be fine for me but it is similar to the gran robusto and not especially tight. The main con is that the flavor becomes vegetal after the halfway point (same for the gran robusto). But overall a pretty good smoke, especially if you're working outside and not always spending time with your cigar.
Chris in Oregon May 13, 2011
"Not so good very loose cigar"
I find the wrap on this cigar to be sub par at best and a very loose draw. I would pass on these quality is not there.
Zach S in So. CA February 2, 2011
"A little dissappointed - loose draw."
Smoke 6 out of the box of 20 of Connecticut #1 Pyramid. The draw on each one so far is way too loose, even with the smallest clipping of the end. Not packed correctly in my humble opinion as each one has been the same - too loose, which makes it a bit hot. Gran Robusto and robusto have a far better (correct) draw. Not sure what happen with this box or if it is the 'usual' for the Pyramid. I won't buy these again. 6 out of 20 is not a fluke. Plus they are more expensive!
Tom in Burbank CA August 23, 2010
"Delayed Surprise"
Bought a box of these a few months ago, tried a couple and found them bland and boring -- so I tossed them in the humidor, where I ignored them for a time. It's been time well spent -- looks like they just needed some "cooking" to draw out the flavors -- which are outstanding for a mild cigar. I've been smoking these sticks to the nub ever since.
Jim in Baltimore March 24, 2010
This smoke is on the mild side. Not much of a change throughout the entire burn, but there'll be no complaints from me. The flavor and appearance were both a huge surprise! For the buck, I'd have to say this will be my new every day companion.
Travis in K-town Germany June 2, 2009
"Beautiful, reminded of the original Montecristo #2"
Fantastic cigar. I just couldn't believe the excellent quality, flavor, and consistent draw, from beginning to end. I found me a new favorite!
Henry in California January 31, 2009
"Love, love, love this stick"
I fell in love with this stick a few weeks ago. i took a box to a golf outing and people were raving. People were passing up similar sticks from Fuente and Romeo & Julietta for these. Wow
David in Minnesota July 31, 2007
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10 Construction (89) 100
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