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Gran Habano #3 Habano Reviews

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Gran Habano Habano #3 Rothschild
"Kinda Yukky"
Not too impressed with this one. Just not a good flavor to me. I love strong cigars but this is just kind of stinky and unenjoyable. On the up side it seeems to burns real well.
JD in Grandville November 3, 2010
Gran Habano Hab #3 Rothschild
"All I Need"
From the Ton of amazingly thick, aroma pleasing, smoke....to the geogious construction. This is all I need in a cigar (Period). I know reviews are opinions only. Well, in my opinion.....this is a must try.
BC in Baton Rouge August 19, 2010
Gran Habano Hab #3 Rothschild
"Favorite everyday cigar."
I have been smoking these for 4-5 years now. In that time I have smoked most everything. I have about 3-5 cigars a week and I like everything from mild to strong pending the situation. This cigar (all 3 models) I enjoy. I find the construction and draw as good as any on the market(I can say this after 300 of these). Flavor is very good - although I have had better in premium cigars - but very good overall. When you factor in price - there is nothing else that compare in my opinion.
Steve in Chicago June 25, 2010
Gran Habano Habano #3 Robusto
This cigar blew me away. I got it in a sampler and didn't expect much, and it was just fantastic. The flavors were complex without being overwhelming. It started off sweet, and as the smoke continued it got richer with hints of coffee cedar. It was full bodied, without being harsh or bitter. The smoke only got better as it went on. I am not easily impressed, and I give this cigar 2 thumbs up.
Ryan in Crystal Lake IL April 6, 2010
Gran Habano Hab#3 Corona
Of the 3 Gran Habana Coronas, this is one is only slightly less harsh, uneven, and poor-tasting than the Corona #5. I'll stay with the green-labeled Corona #1.
pna in massachusetts March 16, 2010
Gran Habano Habano #3 Gran Robusto
"One Great smoke"
Great taste and burn. One of my favorite sticks. I've smoked many of these and never a burn problem.
WT in Louisiana February 13, 2010
Gran Habano Habano #3 Gran Robusto
"Not for me."
Uneven burn; part of the wrapper was loose; had to use a poker to get a decent draw; taste was poor.
WT in Louisiana February 13, 2010 January 19, 2010
Gran Habano Habano #3 Robusto
Fantastic cigar. The wrapper is sweet and spicy and perfectly complements the filler and binder. Construction is second to none, as good or better than the famous, expensive cigars. Burns perfect with a stunning white ash. Never bitter, always a great choice. The value puts these over the top for me. How 'bout some free shipping, Famous?
Steven F in hot'lanta January 3, 2010
Gran Habano Habano #3 Gran Robusto
"Not bad but"
Burn was great, draw was great. However the taste....not so great. The taste of cedar was overpowering.
Xavier in Georgia August 11, 2009
Gran Habano Habano #3 Churchill
"Gran Habanos... the best"
I went to a tasting at my local smoke shop, the Gran Habano Corojo #5, was a great smoke, I tried the Corojo #5 and was even more impressed... it's the only one I smoke now..
Gunnar in California December 21, 2008
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