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Gran Habano #3 Habano Reviews

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Gran Habano Habano #3 Gran Robusto
"Five stars"
I now have smoked the #1, #3, #5, VL variations of this great brand and in my hopefully, cultured opinion, it is the finest tasting and smoking cigar today for the money. It is truly "under the radar" for a lot of cigar stores and sites. I now will stock my humidor with nothing else.
Bill in Midlothian, Va. October 6, 2008
Gran Habano Habano #3 Churchill
"What a great cigar for the price"
Overall great cigar for the price. Smooth, nice taste,great draw, nice burn. Don't be in a hurry. Wait until you have at least 45 minute to enjoy this.
Joe in Baldwin, MD June 3, 2008
Gran Habano Habano #3 Gran Robusto
"Great bang for the buck!!"
This is one great cigar in my opinion. I had read and heard some good things about the Gran Habano Habano, and usually I dont put to much stock into what others think...but I took a chance and bought a box of the Gran Robusto...and I am so glad I did!!!!!!!! I wish I would have bought two! I will get some more on my next order from famous smoke!!!
Mike in NC April 7, 2008
Gran Habano Habano #3 Churchill
"Great bargain smoke."
Starts slow but picks up in flavor and strength after the first inch and approaches great at half way.
J Perry in SC November 17, 2006
Gran Habano Hab #3 Rothschild
"Great smoke, great price"
The first time I've tried any of the Gran Habano Rothchilds, it won't be the last. I suppose you have to be a fan to enjoy these as much as I do. The criollo wrapper surrounds the tasty fillers and creates a med-full treat. I can't wait to try the corojo version.
J Perry in SC November 4, 2006
Gran Habano Hab #3 Rothschild
"I didn't care for either one..."
I've had two Gran Habanos. The 1st one turned me white and made me sick. The second one I was bareley a third of the way through it and was hit with what I can only describe as a stale, dry almost a bitter taste. I'm not sure if it wasn't aged right or what. I had the two about 6 months apart so I know they where from a different box.
Brian Schroeder in So Cal October 12, 2006
Gran Habano Hab #3 Rothschild
"Sitting on the fence"
The construction and burn are good. The cigar is very smooth up to the last half and then it gets kinda rough. I am making this review at the tail-end of a 40 stick box. I am not sure yet if I'll order another. Peace
Managuamark in San Antonio September 6, 2006
Gran Habano Habano #3 Churchill
"Greatest cigar value available today"
I've tried over 125 brands (mostly Churchills)and rated them all. Nothing beats the Gran Habano #3; not Cohiba, Montechristo, R&J--nothing. I am hesitant to write this, because I don't want Gran Habanos to become scarce or go up in price.
Aodhan Richardson in Germantown, TN October 8, 2004
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