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Gran Habano #5 Corojo Reviews

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Gran Habano Cor#5 Rothschild
What an incredible smoke!
Mehdi in Toronto May 17, 2014
Gran Habano Cor#5 Gran Robusto
"Great flavor, surprisingly good cigar!"
This cigar deserves some love, Regardless of the price. I would prefer this cigar over many much more expensive sticks. I ll be honest I wasn t expecting much. But in the end I thoroughly enjoyed the gran habano #5
James in Ocala March 6, 2014
Gran Habano Cor#5 Gran Robusto
Great looking cigar. Oily corojo wrapper sets the table for the main course. From the easy draw, to the taste of pepper, earth, nuts and cocoa, to the consistent build quality just an all around fantastic cigar. Lots of creamy flavorful smoke. Don't hesitate to pick some up!
Robb Morrison in New Lebanon, OH February 14, 2014
Gran Habano Corojo #5 Czar
By far my favorite cigar. Burns well, looks good, well made and tastes great! A good Friday night smoke when you ve got 2 hours to devote to a cigar.
Mike in New Jersey December 12, 2013
Gran Habano Corojo #5 Triumph
"Disappointingly Bland"
These are beautiful cigars. The burn is excellent, they produce clouds of smoke, the draw is smooth and easy. Unfortunately for what is supposed to be a full flavored smoke, they are the most bland cigars I have ever smoked. I will take another reviewer's suggestion and let them age for a while and try them again, but I do not hold out much hope. I have had cigars mellow or grow more balanced with age but never increase in flavor or strength.
Craig in Minnesota September 3, 2013
Gran Habano Corojo #5 Imperiales
"Extremely Disappointed!"
Will not purchase these again. Opened them up they looked fine, except that the first one that I smoked, the outer leaf was already torn away, but the draw was at least easy to smoke, tasted great. The following 4 that I thought I'd try to give a try, were Extremely hard to draw did not taste near as well as the first. Highly disappointed will never buy again. Also purchased the Natural version of these have not nor will not buy again. Hope I get a refund for these. The burn was so inconsistent. The only thing I would give a higher rating on was the Appearance. This is a Great example of Looks can be deceiving. Good Luck to the rest of you who decide to try these. By the way, they were dated from 2011. I purchased another form of this brand they were dated from 2012 were fine.
Brad J in Quad Cities, IL USA August 26, 2013
Gran Habano Corojo #5 Pyramid
"Outstanding - incredible for the price."
These are the best cigars I've smoked all year, and they are half the price of others I've smoked. GREAT cigar!
Jeremy Veilleux in Exeter, NH August 19, 2013
Gran Habano Corojo #5 Triumph
"Worst / Best Cigar in One Stick"
Fresh out of the box, it was one of the worst cigar I've ever smoked. Too much moist in the cigar. I put the remaining 19 sticks into my humidor, and the humidity reading was at 79% after having the humidor closed for two days. So I decided to open my humidor up two full days in an air-conditioned room. Humidity level dropped to 62%, which was rather low, I then topped up with gels to moist it up a little, and maintained the humidor at 66-68%. After two months, I took one out and smoked it. And wow, the taste did improve, it became one of my favorite, wasn't perfect, but was at least 1000x better than it was initially. I then left them in my humidor for another additional 2 months, for a total 4 months. The flavor changed drastically, and after aging it for 4 months under the right humidity level, it became my favorite cigar. And within a month, I've smoked up my entire 18 sticks, that's how great it is. I've ordered another 4 boxes (80 sticks), and I will keep them in my humidor for at least 3-4 months before I start smoking em'. As an advice, if you're patient, these can be the best cigars you'd ever get. If you're impatient, these can be the worst cigars smoked out of the box fresh. My review here is based on the fact that these cigars be smoked after 4 months. If I were to rate it out of the box fresh, They're probably worth 20-30 average. I'd rather smoke other cigars that cost $1, that's how bad it is.
Wilson in Las Vegas April 26, 2013
Gran Habano Corojo #5 Imperiales
"BAD Batch"
I have been smoking these cigars for a couple years now but this last box I purchase a couple weeks ago is no good. They have a musky smell and taste terrible.
Peter in NC March 10, 2013
Gran Habano Corojo #5 Gran Robusto
"Maybe Just a Bad Box..."
I bought several of these at a local shop. They were flavorful and medium bodied. So I went ahead and bought a box. The box I purchased was nothing like that. These burn unevenly and lacked any flavor. The only way I can describe it is just bland and tasteless.
Tom in Columbus February 13, 2013
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