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Gran Habano Cor#5 Rothschild Reviews [view details]

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"WOW! These are a shocker!"
Bought them under the pretense of an inexpensive short smoke. A surprisingly good, well made easy burning and enjoyable little shortie. Don't buy 'em, leave them all for me!!
Richie T in Philly Suburbs May 26, 2010
"What a surprisingly nice smoke"
Got a couple of 5 packs and WOW was I surprised! I A nice medium to full bodied smoke from heel to toe. Smooth....burned nice.....and a freat bag for the buck. What a great everyday cigar!
S Seidel in Baltimore May 21, 2010
"shockingly good!"
Got a 5 pack on monster..what an amazing surprise...smoked one down to a burnt finger! great in all categories, especially for the $$$. I want more!!
Richie T in Philly suburbs May 6, 2010
"Go to Smoke"
Finally a great cigar at a fanastic price! Smoked half a box already. The ash held together all the way to the end, very smooth. I would put this smoke up against any cigar at any price.
Al in Dublin, OH November 10, 2009
"I cannot believe this cigar cost this little!"
At first the cigar seems somewhat bland, but then it just explodes with flavor! Excellent construction, draw, and burn! I smoked it til I had to hold it with tweezers!! It is that good!!
Sean in Semmes, AL October 3, 2009
"Great Value!"
I made the mistake of enjoying one of these smokey wonders before dinner... ahhhh not a good idea, I had no clue how dizzy I was until I stood up. Needless to say I recommend these as a after dinner smoke. This is a top notch cigar, great taste, easy draw and at these prices I plan on filling my humi with many more.
John D.Y. in Escondido May 24, 2009
"Full on flavor with a great price"
I got these cigars as part of the Honduran sampler pack. The first thing I noticed about this cigar was a very subtle natural sweetness to the wrapper before I lit the cigar. The draw on the cigar was just right. The smoke was full and flavorful without harshness. The construction was great and I had no problems maintaining a fairly even burn despite the wind outside. At their price these cigars are a wonderful value and worth a try if you're interested in a full flavored smoke. These will be on my list of favorites!
Billy in Texas April 6, 2009
This is a small and heavy cigar with a beautiful looking wrapper. Very strong but not overwhelming flavor. Only disappointment is the irregular burn, had to correct it once and it kept on wavering. Nevertheless couldn't put it down and smoked it to the nub. Glad to have more in the humidor. Excellent value for money.
Edwald in Netherlands April 6, 2009
"I underestimated these due to their small size"
dont underestimate these little Tigers ir you'll get bitten - very full bodied and good with a snack and tea with milk. Very good smokes. Thank you Gary Korb. Roy.R UK
CreekEnd in UK February 15, 2009
"Tastes like a $4.00 cigar"
There's nothing extraordinary here. A bit high on the strength, but bearable. The best thing about the #5 is its construction. Like a tank. While there are lots of flavor notes with this stick, nothing really stands out, except the strength. There are better cigars out there for the same price. Spend just a little bit more and get yourself a Torano Exodus 1959 if you want lots of flavor and a bit of strength.
Steven in West Palm Beach January 8, 2009
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10 Taste (93) 100
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10 Construction (91) 100
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