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Griffin's Reviews

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Griffin's #500
"Best Cigar Ever!!!!"
Have tried so many cigars, but always go back to my Griffin 500's. Ring and length just right and the smoke is smooth and mellow. Please do NOT discontinue this cigar!
Eugene D. in Florida December 18, 2014
The Griffin's Griffinos Cigarillos (20)
"Good Cigarillo"
These are actually a bit strong for such a small smoke but I like them. Not a sweet flavorful stick like some but they have a smooth full taste that stands out during the short smoking time. If you like your cigars on the full flavor side you may like these. I do keep the tins in the humidor for freshness and even burn.
Robert in St.Louis November 13, 2014
Griffin's Robusto
"I Wanted This To Work"
I tossed it soon after the first inch when I realized for me this stick was a waste of my time. It is not a flavor I will come back to.
Mr. Blues in Central MN August 12, 2014
Griffin's Robusto
"excellent, tasty"
smoked one from a sampler pack, great taste, not harsh and good down to the end...Held its ash and did not need relighting. Lasted9-12 holes on the golf course..very smooth and enjoyable...
art in marlboro May 16, 2014
Griffin's Robusto
"Mild Smooth"
OK Stolky not one of my best but Burn good taste was not bad smoke till the end
Wilfredo in NYC February 10, 2014
Griffin's Perfecto
"My New Best Friend"
I've been trying a number of perfectos lately because I've decided I like the look of this cigar and I like the way it burns, and feels in the hand. It's shape, well balanced, the smoke, soothing from end to end. This perfecto hits a balance with me that lets me do all the things I want with a cigar. Ok, don't go there...But honestly, this is one of few cigars I can say the draw was effortless, each puff and exhale delivered a sweet cloud of varied bouquet. The room filled with a delicious aroma, and seldom did the smoke scorch my eye and parch my throat. Some call this a mild cigar, but I'm not a smoker. I have a delicate palate, and these cigars deliver a flavor that you can taste like a meal. I let the smoke collect around me, I take in the fine Tabak. It's an enjoyable smoke and my new best friend.
Don M in Brooklyn, NY September 28, 2013
Griffin's Robusto
I am a newbie and this cigar will keep me around for awhile!
gregg in boston September 2, 2013
Griffin's Robusto
"Great amt. of smoke and razor sharp burn"
Very mild, and enjoyed w/ a nice cup of coffee. Would have preferred some more flavors to develop, but a very solid smoke.
MD in NJ July 6, 2013
The Griffin's Griffinos Cigarillos (20)
Well these are simply the best little smoke you can wrap your lips around for the price. Great for that 10 minute break when you feel like a good cigar.
JIM in NYC March 12, 2013
Griffin's Robusto
"Good but only worth it on sale"
With all the great reviews I was expecting a little more. Flavor was great and nice and light but the draw was a little lite for my taste and there was a couple of soft spots. Overall though I very good cigar and I will enjoy more of them!
Russell in Long Island October 12, 2012
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