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Griffin's Reviews

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Griffin's Robusto
"The Griffin is the best."
I have purchased, at least, 25 boxes of Griffins. I have never smoked one that wasn't close to perfect. I've tried the best, Partagus 150. Graycliff, Davidoff,Ashton, etc. The Griffin is #1.
James Billingsby in St. Louis November 1, 2010
The Griffin's Toro
"Good bang for your buck"
Good Cigar for the price would deffinatly reccomend to others.
Travis in Indiana May 28, 2010
Griffin's Piramides
"Best Cigar"
The Griffins brand is the very best cigar I have tried....and I have tried hundreds. It is a mild smoke so if you like a full bodied cigar this isn't for you. This is a creamy nutty flavor cigar that looks and burns perfectly.
Murdock in Northern Kentucky April 23, 2010
The Griffin's Privilege
"Smooth, great flavor, consistent, love it!"
This is the perfect size for me! Always burns well, smells great, and has a nice mild, creamy taste. I have tried many small cigars, and this is the best I have found by far. For the price, this has to be the best quality on the market. Premium cigar at a great price. Try one, you won't be disappointed!
M. Leh in Albuquerque, New Mexico July 8, 2009
Griffin's Robusto
"My top cigar!"
This is definitely my top value cigar, this cigar has an excellent quality and the taste is excellent.
Hernan in Monterrey, Mexico April 2, 2009
Griffin's Robusto Tubos
I'm like a kid in a candy store when it comes to trying and buying cigars . I walked in a local cigar shop and picked up one of these. I thought it was over priced for the smoke. it started off dull, but a hint of spice and tasted some sweetness there for just a second. Had a little bit of an after taste which I'm not to thrilled about.Thought maybe if it came in a tube it would smoke good! you know.I think they put these in a tube to hide it cause it's not worth the money nor time. I had a head ache after this one and it started to fall apart on me. To bad can't retun this one. Well, look like i'm sticking to my Padron still. I dont' think you can out beat a Padron ever. Throw all your older cigars away and get Padrons
Ron in Cali February 9, 2009
Griffin's Perfecto
"It's like golf"
Ever go into a Pro Shop & try out all the new putters -- looking for the magic wand? .... Well, that's how I am with cigars, I keep trying new one's looking for some that will stick. This one just didn't do it for me ... dull taste and a very bitter finish .... I should just stick with my old trusty putter "Padron"!!
Jeff in Chapel Hill, NC December 30, 2008
Griffin's #300
"Absolutely excellent cigar! Top notch smoke!"
An absolutely exceptional smoke. Top drawer. Have always liked tobacco from the Cibao River valley, and this cigar has three of the best. A friend gave me a Lonsdale. Great mild flavor, medium body, even burn, and effortless draw. If you can breathe without a respirator, you can smoke this thing. One minor complaint: When I reached the last 2", I tried to remove the band and found it was hard to undo. So I had to slip it downward toward the head. At 1-1/4" the band was still interfering with my mouth so I had to rip the damn thing off and tore part of the wrapper. I continued to smoke the cigar until I singed my thumb. A week later, my thumb still hurts. This a pricey cigar but spring for at least one box before you croak. You've earned it.
Ken in Valdosta, GA December 22, 2008
Griffin's Robusto
"GREAT with a cup of coffee!!"
Started my last fishing trip with one of these. The Griffin in one hand, and my coffee in the other hand was just what I needed blasting across the lake before dawn! Great draw, a little weak to start, but about half way through the flavor began to really come through. I hated to put it out. Perfect draw for me, excellent burn. I think everyone should try one of these in the morning with their coffee!!
smollock in Ventura, CA December 2, 2008
Griffin's Robusto
"try this one !"
I just got these with my order so they have no time in the humidor. I hated to see it end! This has a great draw. great hand, it burns great. It was short on taste at first but got so much better as it smoked. I am looking forward to my next one already!
jeff in mass September 8, 2008
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