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Griffin's Robusto Reviews [view details]

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"My top cigar!"
This is definitely my top value cigar, this cigar has an excellent quality and the taste is excellent.
Hernan in Monterrey, Mexico April 2, 2009
"GREAT with a cup of coffee!!"
Started my last fishing trip with one of these. The Griffin in one hand, and my coffee in the other hand was just what I needed blasting across the lake before dawn! Great draw, a little weak to start, but about half way through the flavor began to really come through. I hated to put it out. Perfect draw for me, excellent burn. I think everyone should try one of these in the morning with their coffee!!
smollock in Ventura, CA December 2, 2008
"try this one !"
I just got these with my order so they have no time in the humidor. I hated to see it end! This has a great draw. great hand, it burns great. It was short on taste at first but got so much better as it smoked. I am looking forward to my next one already!
jeff in mass September 8, 2008
"over rated premium smoke"
I worte a review of this cigar a few days ago as maybe it got erased. This cigar is not in the same league with Ashton.
thebaby981 in Louisiana February 15, 2008
"Great smoke period....."
I have been picking up 5 packs , trying a few different brands. I have always liked the Griffins, but have moved on to many other different smokes. Coming back and trying the robusto five pack, I have no idea why I ever left. This is just a great smoke, from begining to end. I even smoked the Davioff Aniverary the day before and thought the Griffin was just as good and much better price.
Anthony in NJ August 18, 2007
"Best of the lot"
New to cigar smoking, purchased five packs of Ashton, Don Diego, Macanundo, and Griffins. The Griffins were by far the most enjoyable. Smooth, even burn, good construction to the end. Will be buying a box of these!
Greg in California May 30, 2007
Bought a few robusto singles to sample and my expectations were all confirmed: this is a rich, classy, genuinely premium cigar. It was never too strong yet never short on satisfaction. Don't smoke this cigar out in a breeze or you'll lose 70% of the experience! I smoked it in an alcove of my porch where the air is still and I could savor its perfect aroma. I imagined my porch to be an opulent smoking room at Chateau Lake Louise, and my plastic patio chair to be an overstuffed leather smoking chair No pretending at all with the cigar--it was all real! My wife even gave her limited approval.
Steve in Mill Creek, WA June 20, 2006
"The Griffin Robusto of all sizes is best"
Tried these early in my cigar education and they've been a staple in my humidor ever since. Great flavor, consistent taste, burn and draw which is always complete, effortless and thick. Wow, excuse now, I have to go...
Kalei in Newport Beach March 16, 2006
"I love this smoke"
The robustos are my favorite. A great anytime cigar. Of all the Griffin's I have smoked, I have never had a bad one. Every one has been consistent from beginning to end. Aged for a month or so in the humidor, fantastic. I always have a few Griffin's on hand.
Gary in Eastern PA February 9, 2006
"Nothing Special"
The draw and burn were excellent. That's it! The taste was terrible. Nothing special at all - why does everyone like this cigar? I wasn't impressed at all - taste is bitter - I couldn't even finish it.
Bill in Connecticut December 10, 2004
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10 Consistency (91) 100
Poor - Excellent

10 Draw (94) 100
Poor - Excellent

10 Appearance (94) 100
Poor - Excellent

10 Taste (92) 100
Poor - Excellent

10 Construction (93) 100
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