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Griffin's Robusto Tubos Reviews [view details]

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I'm like a kid in a candy store when it comes to trying and buying cigars . I walked in a local cigar shop and picked up one of these. I thought it was over priced for the smoke. it started off dull, but a hint of spice and tasted some sweetness there for just a second. Had a little bit of an after taste which I'm not to thrilled about.Thought maybe if it came in a tube it would smoke good! you know.I think they put these in a tube to hide it cause it's not worth the money nor time. I had a head ache after this one and it started to fall apart on me. To bad can't retun this one. Well, look like i'm sticking to my Padron still. I dont' think you can out beat a Padron ever. Throw all your older cigars away and get Padrons
Ron in Cali February 9, 2009
Customer Ratings

10 Burn (85) 100
Poor Burn Rating Excellent

10 Consistency (82) 100
Poor Consistency Rating Excellent

10 Draw (85) 100
Poor Draw Rating Excellent

10 Appearance (89) 100
Poor Appearance Rating Excellent

10 Taste (84) 100
Poor Taste Rating Excellent

10 Construction (86) 100
Poor Construction Rating Excellent

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