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Gurkha Evil Reviews

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Gurkha Evil Robusto
"Great Undertones and Aroma"
Really like this cigar, but after reading the other reviews, i m wondering if we smoked the same one. probably the best non RP I have had in a couple years. the different flavors and the standing aroma were great with a slow even burn. what else can I say.
dawg in n.c. February 6, 2014
Gurkha Evil Corona
"Not the best from Gurkha"
Gurkha cigars usually very good, but this one was just ok. Good burn, draw and consistency but the taste was not the best. I might have gotten a bad one of the bunch but the taste was bland.
Anthony in California May 16, 2013
Gurkha Evil Robusto
"Another Loser from Gurkha"
Another Gurkha loser. Only thing Evil about this is it is for sale.
Tom Foster January 22, 2013
Gurkha Evil Toro
"Ok just Ok...."
I have had better, but all in all an OK smoke. Well constructed,with a good burn. Kind of harsh at the start but smoothed out nicely and quickly.
Brady in Denver July 20, 2012
Gurkha Evil Toro
"Good bang for the buck"
Bought a box last week and am smoking the second one now. Nice slow burn, draws great, looks great, awesome construction aside from having to touch up the burn a few times, very earthy and nutty. According to my count I'd give it a 95 and a thumbs up.
Chad in Lake Forest, Ca. February 21, 2012
Gurkha Evil Robusto 5pk
"never had a badly constructed Gurka"
May not like all the blends but always a good made cigar.
david in arizona December 13, 2011
Gurkha Evil Robusto
"Consistently inconsistent"
There are some very serious issues in construction consistency with these cigars. If you can get a properly rolled one you're golden, otherwise it's harsh and overpriced. I ordered a 5 pack and was only able to enjoy 2.
david in arizona December 13, 2011 October 4, 2011
Gurkha Evil XO
"One of the Few Gurkha's I Like"
Sadly Gurkha has not met my expectations more than once; Ancient Warrior, Royal Reserve, or Vintage Cameroon, all fell short on flavorful for the price they cost. However I was heartily uplifted by this particular stick from Gurkha. It reminded me of the Brick House Mighty Mighty, but just a little more mild. I really liked it and went out and picked up a few more from my local B&M.
Josh in C-Bus September 27, 2011
Gurkha Evil Robusto 5pk
"A nice full-bodied smoke"
I normally don't rate cigars, especially full-bodied ones as I'd hardly call myelf a hardcore cigar smoker, but the reviews were way low for this cigar. I've tried a lot of strong cigars and this is one of my favorites, it is quite smooth with lots of flavor. I'd recommend to other smokes. I've actually come back for me, saying a lot for me. I had no problem with the burn or construction and it is a very nice looking cigar.
Dave in Delaware September 24, 2011
Gurkha Evil Robusto
"I liked the Evil"
I had no issues with the burn on this cigar and I liked the flavor.
Dwight in Fort McMurray August 16, 2011
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