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Gurkha Evil Reviews

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Gurkha Evil Robusto
Not much to say about these cigars, they're mediocre and over priced. I've had economy cigars with the same flavor, and the burn was very lousy. The only good thing was the draw, and the appearance and that doesn't mean much to me when it tastes like cardboard and doesn't want to burn evenly.
An anonymous smoker June 11, 2011
Gurkha Evil Toro 5pk
"((( BURN ISSUES )))"
The Gurkha Evil Toro, sports a nice, cinnamon colored wrapper, and a near perfectly, flat cap. Although somewhat dry, the first half of the cigar, was flinty, with notes of oak in the nose. Throughout the second half of the burn of this Toro, hints of sweet vanilla, were noted on the pallet. Spicy notes, and oak, remained in the nose, and on the pallet, throughout the third portion as well. The Gurkha Evil, rated poorly throughout it's burn, as the ash was loose, and canoing, and tunneling of the cigar were an issue. The cigar had to be relit throughout the burn, also. Burn time for this cigar was 90 minutes. On a scale of 1 to 10, I'd rate this Toro a 4.5
Robb Hughes in Michigan April 10, 2011
Gurkha Evil Toro
Tim in Minneapolis April 1, 2011
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