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Gurkha Godzilla Rare Limited Edition 8 Cigar Sampler Reviews [view details]

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"Very Poor Deal"
The price is outrageous! Competitors are selling the same sampler + an extra 5 Gurkhas for $47. One of them even adds 2 Gurkha coffee mugs.
Don in Pittsburgh October 3, 2014
"There s a reason. . ."
There s a reason this sampler is MSRP d at $114 but consistently appears on Cigar Monster for $39. . . these cigars are pretty awful. I ve been enjoying cigars for a few years now, but had stayed pretty far from Gurkha for multiple reasons - consistent negative reviews from friends and people online, gimmicky image, insane prices, etc. I saw these on CM a while back and purchased this sampler, as $39 for 8 different cigars seemed fair, and I wanted to try these for myself before passing judgment. Welp, I tried them. . . and these cigars are pretty awful. Most of these cigars fall under Gurkha s Core Brands section of their website. If these are their core brands, then this company is a joke. I didn t want to believe that these guys are all marketing hype and no substance, but after tasting all of these cigars, I hate to say that they do indeed appear to be a rather substance-less company. The most promising cigar in this sampler was the Assassin. It actually started off ok! The first third was rife with chocolate and cedar. . . but past the first third, any enjoyment quickly disappeared into a dull, flavorless mess of nasty tobacco and I kid you not garbage. Yes. . . garbage. The Beauty tasted like notebook paper from start to finish, the Shaggy was odd and gross throughout. . . I could go on and on. I ve had better $3 house brand sticks. If you MUST try Gurkha for yourself, these are their core brands, so have at it. After smoking these cigars, I ve come to the conclusion myself that my fellow smokers were dead-on: Gurkha is all packaging and no substance. The funny thing is, these all burned pretty razor sharp! I never encountered any construction issues. With the effort that these guys go through to create attractive packaging and market their image, and seemingly construct their cigars, you d think they d try to make a half-decent blend too. But alas. . . this is not so. It s really unfortunate. Save yourself the time and money and stick with the greats. You d be better off buying a couple Padron 1926 s than spending even the heavily discounted $39 price on these 8 sticks.
MPX in May 2, 2014
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