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Gurkha Grand Reserve Cognac Reviews

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Gurkha Grand Reserve Robusto
"Great when you are relaxing"
I see negative reviews and find it unreal. I always find these to be smooth and full of thick smoke. With a nice rich cognac flavor with every draw. Almost reminds me of dipping the cigar every few minutes. I don t smoke these all the time, but like I said, always enjoyable. Everybody I ve given one to has enjoyed and bought a few when they ordered cigars. Maybe not an everyday cigar. But when I am sitting back watching a brisket in the smoker this is a nice compliment to the lawn chair.
Jason in Detroit July 18, 2014
Gurkha Grand Reserve Robusto
"Nice smooth flavor, easy draw."
I ve tried Ghurka s several times over the years and always thought they were a bit rough and too full flavored for me. Riding a motorcycle, for a living not a fad, it s hard finding a good smoke to carry in the vest without an oversized case to keep it safe. And living in the desert has its own problems. A while back a friend turned me on to the Makers Mark cigars. Solves both problems for me, no big case and no dried out sticks. When I saw these I figured I d give Ghurka another try.... best decision I ve made. Very nice smoke. A light to medium body, great ash with heavy smoke. Nice feel and not a heavy or obnoxious cognac flavor. Love them.
John in Arizona June 7, 2014
Gurkha Grand Reserve Churchill
"yeah ok, nothing special"
cannot say that I was impressed with this cigar. very bland, and lacking in flavour, I also found that it burned very hot in the last 2.5-3 inches of the cigar, making me want to stop smoking it. this is certainly not a hand burner.
Doug G in New Zealand December 5, 2013
Gurkha Grand Reserve Torpedo
"Terrific Stick - Buy!"
Review: Gurkha Grand Reserve Torpedo Many thanks to my buddy Lewis for gifting me this terrific stick! Recommendation Buy. Period. A unique stick with high 90s throughout, flavored but with none of the bad connotations that word brings up for many of we ?purists?. A terrific stick? Flavor Subtle Cognac throughout, as expected, never overpowering. Slight spiciness came on in the second third but stayed in the background. Only the slightest white pepper came on at the very end of the smoke. This cigar has a most appealing, light aroma that is smooth even when inhaled into the nose. Probably even most cigar-smoke haters would like this lovely scent. Value This expensive stick is worth all 1,400 pennies! If I had the money, I would always have a box of these on hand! Comments Just plain enjoyable! It comes on softly at first, but within a few minutes you know you have a winner in your fingers! This tasting reminded me how important the cut is to the experience; I undercut it first and was being disappointed with the cigar. However, when I cut off another 1/16 inch it exploded with heavier smoke and fuller flavors! Paired with White Mink Canadian whiskey, with a very slightly sweet taste ? it was a good drink with this stick to my taste. It?s said that this Gurkha Grand Reserve was the celebration cigar for Navy Seal Team 6 after they nailed Osama bin Laden. Prelight %26 First Draw Nose: Sweet, pronounced apple smell Pre-light draw: Slight resistance on the draw, same tastes as nosing revealed The Smoke First Third: Start 10:45. Cognac taste but not overpowering as some have reported, nice smoke ? on light side, inhaling smoke through nose is very mild; unlike most sticks. Superb burn line, easy smoke to smell ? not rough or harsh. Excellent burn line, tight light gray ash. Toward end of 1/3, very smooth. Second Third: Much the same as the first third, though the cognac has dropped back some. Still a pleasant draw and lots of light smoke, flavorful. Ash still on at 1.5 ?. I dropped the ash just after that and clipped off a bit more ? where I should have done it to start ? and both the draw and smoke improved perfectly. This cigar is really, REALLY nice at this point ? love it! Did a minor touchup just into second third? and then another. With new cut, smoke is more creamy %26 copious. This stick is seriously delightful; I?d give it a low 90 at this point for sure! Again, terrific 2? ash, medium gray now with some black. Great Construction. Last Third: Again, there seems to be little change in either the flavor or strength, though the barest tone of white pepper is there. If you?re looking for a gar to do with someone who hates cigar smoke, this is the stick to do it with? just a great light, non-harsh aroma ? terrific! Just put it on the Carlito?s Stogie Nubber? I?m hating that this will have to end! Gonna put these puppies on my wish list for sure (I HATE you Lewis!!!). OK, I?m moving this up to a 94? at least as good as the best stick I?ve smoked even though I usually like a more full-body stick! Ended at nigh noon, one hour %26 45-minutes of great puffing! Appearance/Presentation Cigar: Beautiful, tight seams, light brown ? encased in individual glass tubos, copper-colored wax seals the tube? gorgeous Band: More understated %26 simple that most Gurkha bands; OK, but not too exciting. Still, better than most bands with its red/orange, gold %26 black. Construction Just a gorgeous stick, only slightly darker than a full-on Connecticut shade-grown. Extremely tight seams, firm with no sponginess, yet has a terrific draw. The ash hung on to about 2 inches before diving and it was only slightly gray, not flaky at all. Rating 94. Origin ? Dominican Republic Format ? Torpedo Size ? 6.5 x 53 Wrapper ? Vintage, five-year-aged U.S. Connecticut-grown wrappers flavored with genuine Remy Martin Louis XIII cognac Filler ? Dominican Binder ? Dominican Strength ? Mild Price ? $14.00 online ($11.20/per in five-pack) Manufacturer
Jack in Dallas February 19, 2013
Gurkha Grand Reserve Robusto
"Remy's For Drinking, Not Marinating Cigars In..."
I bought one of these, just to try,...made it twenty minutes then threw it out. When I first started smoking cigars years ago I thought Gurkha were "so cool!" Cool names, cool look, and pricey! I have found only one Gurkha I can stand, the Evil XO. I have to say that the Grand Reserve tastes like air! No flavor whatsoever. I am so disappointed in Gurkha's ability to mass market "rare" smokes successfully. I've given them chance over and over again, but buyer beware, these are overpriced dog rockets!
Josh in Columbus, OH September 29, 2012
Gurkha Grand Reserve Torpedo
"Great smoke beginning to end"
I am recently back to smoking cigars, but have experienced many different smokes. The burn, draw, taste, and appearance of this cigar are all exceptional. I would recommend this to anyone. I had an Opus X last night and prefer this Gurkha. Tonight I hope was my first of many!
Craig in Portsmouth, Ohio September 1, 2012
Gurkha Grand Reserve Torpedo
"Good enough for them"
From my understanding these are the choice of my Uncle Sams Frogmen when there is something to celebrate like snuffing out a pirate or two Etc...I think they are a good smoke however I do not care too much for the cognac finish with these. I like em better than the Stratus' that Iv'e smoked tho
Buffalo Spirit in Oneida Nation (Res)Wisconsin November 17, 2011
Gurkha Grand Reserve Churchill
"Grreat Smoke!"
I love this cigar. I was very surprised at its flavor and consistency. Excellent!!!!
Jerry in Covina August 4, 2011
Gurkha Grand Reserve Churchill
"nice but be wary when ordering singles"
Great Cigar beautiful in all aspects but one. The tube is not built for shipping only on the Churchills though. I belive it was UPS but when i opened both my single churchills about one half inch of the foot was frayed something awful. The cap of the tube has a sharp inner lip that the cigar did not agree with. However on the Robusto they pack the top with a little foam to keep it from moving around. Anyway i just cut the bad part and went on my way. Good luck to you and Happy Holidays
wes in Beebe. AR November 27, 2008
Gurkha Grand Reserve Churchill
RON in SAN ANTONIO July 28, 2008
5-Pack Frenzy...just got a lot crazier!
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