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Gurkha Grand Reserve Cognac Reviews

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Gurkha Grand Reserve Churchill
"gurkha grand reserve"
Gurkha's best cigar
Paul in Tuscaloosa June 10, 2008
Gurkha Grand Reserve Churchill
"Wrapper went all Gangsta on me."
This may have been a good cigar if the wrapper didn't instantly start unravelling on me. I hate this type of wrapper where it is so thin it just flakes off. Boo on you Ghurka.
Yoop in Oklahoma May 5, 2008
Gurkha Grand Reserve Churchill
"Nice Smooth Cigar!"
I really enjoyed this cigar and so did my friends who I handed these out to recently when our baby boy was born. I couldnt really taste the cognac but it was still a great cigar. I would definitely buy these again. It is mild-medium and is perfect even for the novice smoker.
Alex H in Montrose, CA April 13, 2008
Gurkha Grand Reserve Churchill
"A wonderful smoking experience"
I loved this cigar. I would rate the taste mild to medimum as it is not a stong as other Gurkha's I have tired but plenty of flavor. I will buy more!!!
Ken in Burtchville, Michigan February 12, 2008
Gurkha Grand Reserve Churchill
"The best cigar made!"
This cigar is worth the money. Better than Davidoff or Ashtons and the Remy flavor makes this the best tasting cigar I've smoked.
T. Imholte in Minneapolis February 8, 2008
Gurkha Grand Reserve Churchill
"my rating - 4.7 out of 5!"
Best cigar i have ever had! The flavors are a perfect combination of premium tobacco and premium liquor. The aroma is amazing, and the taste and burn are even better. A MUST SMOKE cigar!
francesco December 16, 2007
Gurkha Grand Reserve Torpedo
"This is a GREAT CIGAR!!!!!!"
These cigars are simply outstanding! It has a great presation. It's draw is easy and extremly smooth. It burns even. The ash is a drark gray and stays on for a long time. The taste is complex. You smell what the cigar taste like. The cognac tatse is outstanding. I have been telling all of my friends and relatives about this one. Yes it is a little pricey, but it is worth every penny.
K.W. Bush in Missouri September 8, 2006
Gurkha Grand Reserve Churchill
"Great Cigar - even at these prices"
This is a great cigar. It looks good, burns well, has a nice white ash and an easy draw. The taste is mild yet complex. It's a little pricey but it's the one I reach for to celebrate a special occasion.
Boxtakilla in Broken Arrow, OK July 16, 2006
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