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Gurkha Grand Reserve 'Natural' Robusto Reviews [view details]

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"Mild cigar"
Paired well with an aged Armagnac.
Stefan in November 21, 2013
"Quite a let down"
Loosely packed, with a very mild body, and not much flavor at all, other than some sweetness lingering from the infused wrapper, and very faint nutty notes from the filler. Better than the Natural Elixir, I'll give you that, but this doesn't mean much. Can't believe how much these sticks sell for. I may have been wrong to smoke it at the end of the day, but still, it's a very weak cigar that's most probably targeted either at occasional smokers or at cigarette smokers. Granted, mine didn't come in a glass tube, but if that's more important than the actual tobacco then... well, no thanks .
Stefan in November 20, 2013
"Just ok"
Relatively loosely packed, yet holding together well, and burning cool. Burnt somewhat unevenly, canoeing. Less creamy and more nutty than the Regent. I also got some rather distinctive ammonia notes. Went well with a basic 1er Cru Cognac. Need to revisit, but I prefer the Regent for now, in spite of the flimsy wrapper. This was not the tube-encased stick
Stefan in City by the Bay November 16, 2013
"This Is The Cigar!"
Wow! What a flavorful cigar, draw was excellent, flavors was little sweet, some coffee and nuts, with a creamy texture, leather was there also, 10/10.
Raz in Israel September 20, 2013
"Very nice, smooth and easy draw"
I was given this as a birthday gift by my young daughter. I really looked forward to sitting down and enjoying this great cigar and wasn't disappointed! Very smooth and flavorful but not the least overpowering. It burned evenly to the end and gave me knowledge of a terrific cigar for future purchases. I recommend this one highly!
Brady in Naples, FL January 28, 2013
i really dont mean to offend anybody or the company, but for me, this cigar was just flat out terrible. As i was smoking it, about a quarter of the way through i had to just stop it and throw it out because i just could not stand it any longer. it did burn nice though but the taste was to sweet for me. couldn't stand it. sorry
Eric in Connecticut January 21, 2013
"Nothin' special"
Some good flavors but nothing special. Smoke output was a little low.
David in CA August 20, 2012
"very flavorable!"
Gret cigar. Burns well and taste great.
Dan in Pa May 14, 2012
"Pretty bad cigar"
Really didn't like this smoke at all, it tasted terrible
Burweiser in Brandon Ms June 7, 2011
Absolutely nothing wrong with this cigar! One of the Greats!
wes in Beebe. AR November 22, 2008
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10 Draw (92) 100
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10 Taste (89) 100
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10 Construction (89) 100
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