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Gurkha Legend Reviews

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Gurkha Legend Elegancia Limited Edition
"a 66 rating is unfair"
I got a 5 pack from the monster and have enjoyed two so far. a slight cracking in the wrapper but a clean burn and tasty
frank in palisade,co July 25, 2014
Gurkha Legend Elegancia Limited Edition
"Very Nice Creamy flavor"
Great cigar great flavor very well made.
Mark in Murrieta, CA June 11, 2014
Gurkha Legend Status Churchill
Bought 5. After smoking 3, had to force myself to finish the last 2.
Mark in Murrieta, CA June 11, 2014 March 22, 2014
Gurkha Legend Status Churchill
"Good cigar"
The 5 pack I received was a bit on the dry side, nonetheless they were enjoyable. Good flavor nice and mild, good draw and they stay lit all the way through. Very decent .
Big Zac in Polk County FL January 16, 2014
Gurkha Legend Status Ltd Ed
"Good Mild to Med smoke"
Just finished one for the first time. Spent about 30 days in the humidor before I tried it. Burns well from the start. Lit it once only. Flavor really starts about 1 inch in and is enjoyable throughout. More Medium than MIld, but Conneticut wrapper keeps on the low side of medium. Great flavor and smoke. Ash stays on for at least 2 inches before it falls. Recommended for a easy smoke wiht flavor. Wrap a little dryer and splits, but not so much it falls off or unwraps.
Rick Krentz in Gilbert AZ January 11, 2014
Gurkha Legend Elegancia Limited Edition
"Poor construction AND flavor - don t bother."
Very disappointing cigar. The construction is very poor - inconsistent pack/roll, very fragile and dry wrapper, bad draw, and dry, dirty taste.
Bruce in Massachusetts December 17, 2013
Gurkha Legend Elegancia Limited Edition
"Inconsistently packed"
Very inconsistent in terms of how the tobacco at the nub is packed. The first one drew fine, but the two subsequent sticks were very tight. Flavor is mild, slightly buttery and one-dimensional, good for a daily smoke.
Bruce in Massachusetts December 17, 2013 December 5, 2013
Gurkha Legend Churchill
"AWSOME , AWSOME , AWSOME *************"
Don in Muncy PA, October 14, 2008
Gurkha Legend Churchill
"the legend is aptly named indeed"
The legend is aptly named. It is a full-bodied, tasteful, well made cigar. That said, it is NOT for an amateur cigar smoker. It can completely overwhelm those that are not used to a full bodied cigar. Even to experienced smokers, this is not one to try on your first foray into stronger smokes. However, if you enjoy an excellent, full bodied cigar, then look no further than the Gurkha Legend. It is comparable to any Cuban I've ever had.
Michael in Washington July 31, 2008
Gurkha Legend Torpedo
I bought one of these looking for something to compare to Padrone 64 Anniversary. Two very different taste. The Pardon is still on my favorites list, but this Legend was so good! I smoked it all the way down to my finger tips, and the flavor just kept getting better and better. When I was done with it I wanted another one! Lasted a long time too. A must for anyone looking for a top shelf smoke with a very great tasting complex flavor. Worth every penny!
Bryan LeMeilleur in Lubbock December 9, 2007
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