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Gurkha Ninja Reviews

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Gurkha Ninja Perfecto #2
"Medium-Full Bodied and SMOOTH, Beautiful to Boot."
I bought a five pack of the ninja perfectos on sale, and let me say, I'll be coming back for more. The cigar is simply beautiful, with a dark oily wrapper and the stereotypical perfecto look that sits heavy in the hand. Even with the most pitite cut the draw was smooth before and after lighting. The burn is even and consistent throughout the cigar, and this thing gives of ample smoke. To my pallet I would call this cigar medium-full bodied; however the smoke is incredibly smooth with no aftertaste whatsoever. The cigar is full of interesting flavors (sweet tobacco, chestnut, light coffee tones, and even some vague hints of vanilla) from lighting to singeing your fingers (which you'll do because you won't want to put this cigar down). Truly a great cigar, and one I'm proud to have in my humidor!
Peter in Minnesota September 12, 2013
Gurkha Ninja Spike
"Great Cigar!"
Great cigar! smooth smoke with medium draw and great even burn. If you like medium cigars this one is for you. Will repurchase again.
Anthony in California May 10, 2013
Gurkha Ninja Spike
"Great Cigar! Must Purchase!"
Great cigar! Excellent burn, taste and smell. Medium cigar and for a great price. Must purchase!
Anthony in California May 9, 2013
Gurkha Ninja Spike
"Great cigar! Must buy"
Great cigar! Easy smoke with medium taste. Burn is very even. Worth the purchase
Anthony in California May 8, 2013
Gurkha Ninja Spike
"Must buy cigar!"
Excellent cigar! Smooth and crisp burn along with light taste. Will purchase these again.
Anthony in California May 8, 2013
Gurkha Ninja Torpedo
"great smoke for the price"
iv,e just finished my3rd ninja torpedo in a row and im hooked there will be many more in my humidor.thanks Gurkah.
jack in deland fl January 31, 2013
Gurkha Ninja XO
"impresivly long lasting all around beautiful smoke"
wow factor!!! dark light-mild full body smoke with great ash tightly crafted construction! beautiful wraper smooth and very impresive for the price! go get one you will not be disapointed! thank you ninja xo for at least an hour of relaxation and enjoyment mitchell church
mitchell in williston north dakota September 1, 2012
Gurkha Ninja Knife
Received a 5 pack which I put in the humi for a week before I grabbed one to try out. It started off nice ut immediately started tunneling. I had a difficult time keeping it lit and finally gave up about half way through. Maybe the rest will be better with more time on them.
Mark in Memphis in Memphis July 6, 2012
Gurkha Ninja Knife
A masterpiece! Nothing else to say.
Jay in Massachusetts September 13, 2011
Gurkha Ninja Churchill
"nice satisfying morning smoke"
You will be very satisfied with these. Draw, burn and mostly taste are impeccable. The pre-light draw is flavorful and tea like. The foot toasted well and that aroma was great. The first third of my Churchill had many flavor changes and beginning the second half the strength, as would be expected, did not pick up. This stick is smooth with a lot of rich smoke right to the nub. Almost an hr. and 45 min. smoke.
chris in cat square January 30, 2011
Amilcar Perez Castro
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