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Gurkha Regent Reviews

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Gurkha Black Dragon Sampler
"They suck."
I think they took every crappy gar they had left over and put it in this box,which is a very nice box. The box is the best part of the deal.
mike b. mayhugh in u.s. December 27, 2010
Gurkha Regent Toro
"My New Favorite"
My brother-in-law was smoking one of these at a family function last weekend and the aroma was captivating. I couldn't put my finger on it, but it was just so unique. I asked him what he was smoking. He said, "A Gurkha". Hmmm, never heard of that but I said I'll have give it a try. So I ordered some from Famous Smoke right away this week and I smoked my first one last night. Wow! This is one fantastic smoke. Even my wife commented on the unique and pleasurable aroma. Great taste, perfect draw, long burn. Can't wait to have another this afternoon!
Mark in Michigan September 20, 2008
Gurkha Regent Torpedo
"Lives up to it's ratings"
My first ever Gurkha, a Regent Torpedo, was smoked on July 6th, 2008. 'A date which will go down in-Famously' [get it?] , as the first day of smoking one great smoke ! Relaxed on the screened-in lanai about 9pm, accompanied by a DosEquis and 6-week old boxer puppy. Perfect draw, 1.5" ash before tapping, flavorful but not heavy, a smooth medium smoke. Consistently tasty through to the last 2". I gave it a 9.5 rating. I am recommending to my friends, none have tried them yet. I will try to always have some in my humidor.
Jim "Hogg" in Longwood July 10, 2008
Gurkha Regent Robusto
"Beautiful Cigar"
This cigar was so good, I took a picture of it and made it my cell phone wallpaper image! Wonderful stick with billows of smoke in every draw. Good to the last puff. It lasted me over an hour, easily, and at times stayed lit for 10 minutes straight without my attention as I was working on my computer. Burn, draw, construction, ash were all perfect and I've still got 19 left in the box. Very exciting! The only problem is that I heard they aren't making these anymore, so get them while you can! Happy smokes!
Chris in Los Angeles July 6, 2008
Gurkha Regent Robusto
Smooth earthy tones, very pleasant smoke! Potential everyday smoke!
T.J. in Central Jersey May 23, 2008
Gurkha Regent Toro
"Very nice"
I love this one. lots of flavor all the way down. Have not had a bad one yet. Very smooth. Yeh I could smoke one of these everyday.
Superdave in Ca April 15, 2008
Gurkha Regent Toro
"The Best One"
I have smoked around 175 different brands/blends of cigars (all premium.) I think this is the best one. The construction and burn are flawless. I will try to describe the flavors but it will be hard to do it justice because it is so complex. I will say it is very nutty with kind of a salty taste to the smoke. One of a kind, very unique, unlike anything else. I can't even think of a cigar to compare this with.
fat smoke dog in northern mich September 1, 2007
Gurkha Regent Toro
This is one of those cigars that are special. You know, the ones that you absolutely are enchanted with but refrain from smoking too often because it feels good to know that you've got some in your humidor. Even looking at them gives me pleasure because I know how wonderful they are. Words cannot describe how good these are. Smoking one is an adventure unto itself. Treat yourself. You are worth it.
Jason in Louisiana December 13, 2006
Gurkha Regent Churchill
"top drawer"
This cigar is made as good as you can make a cigar-perfect draw,burn -with a good taste,never harsh,start to finish.I will buy again.
Frank Palance in CT December 13, 2006
Gurkha Regent Torpedo
"Not Bad!!"
I got a deal on these I guess!! 10 for $30!! I wouldn't pay the price they want for a box, but for $3 a stick, that was a pretty good deal!! Good draw, fairly even burn with a solid grey to white ash!! Definitely medium to full bodied! Woodsy flavor all the way through!! Pre-light aroma is harsh, but once you put the torch to it, the first half burns fairly cool, but gets a little hot on the taste buds towards the end!!
Pappy in Las Vegas August 21, 2006
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