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Gurkha Templar Reviews

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Gurkha Templar Reception
"First gurka"
Okay, the templar reception was the very first gurka made cigar I ever had. It came in a sampler and I looked forward to trying it as I read a lot about the brand being good. I will say the taste was decent for the first third which was all I got because the darn thing split to the nub leaving an unsmokable mess. Wrapper and binder both! I later found a number of reviews from folks who had the same problem of the cigar basically exploding apart from about a third down to the nub. Gurka needs to switch to machine made cigars in my opinion as the blends I have had several others in samplers I actually was able to smoke were decent tasting but nearly every other cigar had flaws making them either unsmokable or so bad in flavor I wanted to stop smoking them. Bad burn, bad construction, but decent tobacco blends. Considering what I read about them they may have a skills gap once you get past the folks making the HMR line? My opinion is they need a machine roller setup or stop making cigars in lower price ranges. Try these if you must as they are not too bad tasting if you get the 2 out of 10 that are rolled properly. As for the rest I think leaves rolled in gasoline and newspaper was how I described my very last Gurka made cigar. I do not like writing a bad review as I love cigar smoking and we all have different tastes but I gave Gurka cigars a fair chance and found little value for the money spent.
Robert in St Louis, MO January 10, 2015
Gurkha Templar Test Flight
"Great smoke.."
I am going to keep these in Stock.. Great taste, nice and smoky, great flavor. Exactly what I expected from Gurkha.
Kevin in Woodbury Heights NJ August 2, 2014
Gurkha Templar Reception
"They Suck"
These suck as do many of the Ghukhas do. Who smokes these things and who sets Gurkhas MSRPs? Ridiculous!
Pietro in San Juan July 4, 2014
Gurkha Templar Reception
"They Suck"
These suck as do many of the Ghukhas do. Who smokes these things and who sets Gurkhas MSRPs? Ridiculous!
Pietro in San Juan July 3, 2014
Gurkha Templar Grand Master
Uneven burn, loosely packed constantly unraveling. Dropped hot ashes like crazy so watch where you smoke em.
Pete Osco in Upstate NY June 14, 2014
Gurkha Templar Reception
"Very good smoke, a little dry."
These are very tasty smokes for those on a budget. They should sit in the humi a couple days after receiving I believe shipping drys them out to the point where the wrapper will crack. I say moisten them up a bit and enjoy.
Eric in Crete, IL April 6, 2014
Gurkha Templar Reception
"Great go-to and share-to impress"
I recently bought a sampler of the Templars, in various lengths. Great smoke! Reasonable price for an everyday smoke. They're great to share if you want to impress friends who don't know how little you actually invested! I'll be stocking the tupper-dor with more! Only "con", the wrapper busted, when it was down to the final third.
Billy Bob in Howe March 19, 2014
Gurkha Templar True Cross
I experienced no problem with the burn, but the flavor is terrible. It is what I would expect from smoking wet grass after applying fertilizer. I tried letting them set in my humidor for a few weeks, but it didn t help. I am considering aging them in the open air and seeing if I can salvage them.
Fred in Little Rock March 19, 2014
Gurkha Templar True Cross
"Great smoke but....."
The smoke was excellent, mild, smooth, and creamy; the burn was even on all that I tried 10 so far ...BUT, I may have just gotten an old batch...on all 10, the wrapper and binder fell apart after 1/4 of the cigar was smoked. Great taste but won t be buying these again.
Dennis in Annapolis February 20, 2014
Gurkha Templar Grand Master
"Not what you would expect from Gurka"
Rip in the wrapper, roller tried to coat it with gum base. Whole wrapper split upon lighting,and cigar exploded about 1/4 of the way in. Taste between cigars was significantly different. Nicotine was pleantiful, everything else was left to be desired. Would suggest paying more than $2 a stick for this magnum, or you will be dissappointed.
Mike Maglaughlin in Boise, ID January 13, 2014
Rocky Patel Xtreme
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