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Gurkha Templar Reviews

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Gurkha Templar Grand Master
Loosely packed, flavorless, and requiring periodic correction. Never again.
Stefan November 24, 2013
Gurkha Templar Grand Master
"Entry-level Gurkha"
Medium strong nicotine. Bitter at the ends, and with average flavors otherwise, but enjoyable nevertheless. The cigar started splitting open at the beginning of the last third, probably because it was too dry. On the upside, the white ash was fantastic, and the smoke creamy. Draw was a little tight, and the burn slightly uneven. Burnt for about 45 minutes. Good entry-level Gurkha.
Stefan in City by the Bay November 6, 2013
Gurkha Templar True Cross
"Great Gurkha!!!"
This is a smooth smokey Treat at a great price!! My new favorite every day treat!!!
Christopher in Austin Tx September 28, 2013
Gurkha Templar Reception
"Fantastic cigar"
This has become my "everyday" cigar. Burns smooth and pleases the tongue down to the end.
watchman in Ga September 21, 2013
Gurkha Templar Grand Master
"Big bang for your buck, a must buy!"
Medium body, nice draw, lots of smoke and good burn. A really good daily smoke for the price.
Rick Daddy in San Jose May 23, 2013
Gurkha Templar True Cross
"Just what I'd expect from a Gurkha!"
Solid burn, smooth draw and great flavor, I won't be without these for very long.
Joe in OCONUS May 20, 2013
Gurkha Templar Grand Master
"not the best"
For me, the taste is bitter and the draw is very easy, too easy for me. I cannot give a positive recommendation. I will never purchase these again. Extremely disappointing.
muddhen in northern CA May 15, 2013
Gurkha Templar Grand Master
Great flavor. Nice draw with lots of smoke. Burns surprisingly fast for such a large ring. Required no rest in the humidor before smoking. I'm curious to find how it ages.
Mark in Motor City April 23, 2013
Gurkha Templar Test Flight
"Will keep in stock"
Tried the test flight sampler and proceeded to buy another bundle. I love these Gurkhas. Different profile than most. Solid med but lots of flavor nuances. Great burn and excellent draw. Will keep some stocked at all times. Nice, fat, and satisfying.
Kathy October 5, 2012
Gurkha Templar Reception
"gurkha love"
a friend of mine gave me my first gurkha i have been hooked ever since these templars are a great value and there is no skimping on quality if you are on a cigar allowance like me these are the best cigars for your money nice slow even burn with a taste that is out of this world enjoy
jerry t in milwaukee wi August 18, 2012
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