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Gurkha Templar Grand Master Reviews [view details]

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Uneven burn, loosely packed constantly unraveling. Dropped hot ashes like crazy so watch where you smoke em.
Pete Osco in Upstate NY June 14, 2014
"Not what you would expect from Gurka"
Rip in the wrapper, roller tried to coat it with gum base. Whole wrapper split upon lighting,and cigar exploded about 1/4 of the way in. Taste between cigars was significantly different. Nicotine was pleantiful, everything else was left to be desired. Would suggest paying more than $2 a stick for this magnum, or you will be dissappointed.
Mike Maglaughlin in Boise, ID January 13, 2014
Loosely packed, flavorless, and requiring periodic correction. Never again.
Stefan in November 24, 2013
"Entry-level Gurkha"
Medium strong nicotine. Bitter at the ends, and with average flavors otherwise, but enjoyable nevertheless. The cigar started splitting open at the beginning of the last third, probably because it was too dry. On the upside, the white ash was fantastic, and the smoke creamy. Draw was a little tight, and the burn slightly uneven. Burnt for about 45 minutes. Good entry-level Gurkha.
Stefan in City by the Bay November 6, 2013
"Big bang for your buck, a must buy!"
Medium body, nice draw, lots of smoke and good burn. A really good daily smoke for the price.
Rick Daddy in San Jose May 23, 2013
"not the best"
For me, the taste is bitter and the draw is very easy, too easy for me. I cannot give a positive recommendation. I will never purchase these again. Extremely disappointing.
muddhen in northern CA May 15, 2013
Great flavor. Nice draw with lots of smoke. Burns surprisingly fast for such a large ring. Required no rest in the humidor before smoking. I'm curious to find how it ages.
Mark in Motor City April 23, 2013
"Excellent Value"
I love large ring gauge cigars and these Gurkha Templar Grand Masters are a whopping 6 x 60 and an excellent value for 15 sticks. They are tasty and consistent and are a great everyday smoke. I would recommend these to everyone.
Rob in Columbus, Indiana June 26, 2012
"Very good"
First one, was impressed with the cigar. Will not be the last, for the price it was outstanding.
bl in Louisiana May 5, 2012
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