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H Upmann 1844 Reserve Reviews

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H Upmann Reserve Churchill
"Watch your humidity levels"
Medium-bodied with classic flavors of wood grain and semi-bitter leaf tannins; cookie dough also entered the fray briefly on the second half. I had stored this at 69 + % RH and it didn t like it a bit, as the draw was tight and the wrapper cracked halfway through. Burn was uneven, and way too fast during the first half; lasted me less than 45 minutes til the nub. My guess is they require 3-4 months to settle down. 88+ points
Stefan in City by the Bay May 11, 2014
H Upmann Reserve Belicoso
"I m impressed!"
This 1844 reserve Belicoso had been sitting in my humidor for a while now and thought I d give it a try and I am impressed to say the least! Earthy, smooth, toasty cedar and leather flavors are fantastic in this medium body smoke. The best part was it s flawless construction and superb draw! The smoke output and aroma are outstanding, I can t believe this isn t a higher priced cigar... I had purchased due to the 93 rating from CA and it lived up to the bill. If the rest of mine smoke as nice as this first, I ve found myself a real winner!
BR in San Diego, CA December 7, 2013
H Upmann Reserve Robusto
"Standard against which to measure other cigars"
Have smoked these for several years. Just finished a box and ordered another. Beautiful wrapper, always easy draw, mild herbal flavor. I compare all cigars to this one. As good as a Cuban.
James in Santa Clara November 5, 2013
H Upmann Reserve Belicoso
"Top 25."
Here's a fine cigar that made CA's top 25 list last year. The blend of the cigar has been changed and for the better. Creamy billows of leather and almonds with a burn your fingers off finish. Rich but not a strong smoke. Just right!
Earl in Tennessee May 10, 2013
H Upmann Reserve Robusto
"smooth and consistent"
very smooth all the way through. had hints of ground coffee, caramel and almonds. Really enjoyed this smoke, would recommend it to beginners and novices alike. Not spicy at all yet full on flavour. A good "go to" cigar. These will age very well in the humidor. I have tasted the cuban blends of Upmann and this cigar exceeded all my expectations.
Saint Germaine in Australia March 18, 2013
H Upmann Reserve Belicoso
"a cut above...."
I smoked a sampler and had a robust 5/50 size good right down to the nub great flavor and burn ...will buy more..
JOE in springfield pa. January 18, 2013
H Upmann Reserve Robusto
"Consistently good smoke"
The entire H. Upmann line gives consistent quality, flavor and aroma. The Reserve Maduro is outstanding and the 1844 line gives an even burn with pleasant woody flavor and aroma---just outstanding!
Mark in Columbia, Missouri July 4, 2012
H Upmann Reserve Robusto
"Class apart!"
The 1844 has a very smooth taste with a wood flavour that lasts almost till the nub. Highly recommend it for beginners!
Prasad in Bangalore July 1, 2012
H Upmann Reserve Lord Rothchilde
"Marvelous smoke, it's now my current favorite"
What a great find this little gem was. Out of 7 cigars I smoke, 5 of them will likely be H Uppmann Reserve Lord Rothchildes. I consider them to be significantly better than the regular H Uppmann #100 Robusto. Great taste without being overpowering, and no negative aftertaste. Burns very well, too.
Mark in Minneapolis September 19, 2007
H Upmann Reserve Double Corona
"My favorite so far"
Ok, I hate to say this, because almost every cigar on this web site has great reviews...but....I really love this cigar. It had a taste that I could pick apart, appreciate. Very nutty, and I could almost say cashew/macadamia nut nuttiness. I know that sounds stupid, but thats what I was tasting almost the entire time. Its a long smoke, and its a big, powerful one. Not for beginners, and I'd reccomend eating before smoking this one. It just about kicked my butt and I usually dont smoke anything but big maduros. Maybe it was just me though....try this stick!
Justin in TN September 16, 2007
Amilcar Perez Castro
5-Pack Frenzy...just got a lot crazier!