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H Upmann 1844 Reserve Reviews

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H Upmann Reserve Double Corona
"Great Cigar at a Fair Price"
When you consider the price, these are some of the best cigars anywhere. They really are a lot like their Cuban counterparts at a fraction of the price. A little fuller than the average H Upman, they are refined, balanced and complex. A cigar to sit back and enjoy with a good coffee.
Bob in MA July 1, 2006
H Upmann Reserve Double Corona
"The best yet."
Just got this one in a sample bunch. A very pleasent smoke. Good flavor and draw. I plan to keep a bunch of these in my humidor. Goes great with Johny Walker Red Label!
Thomas Cosden in Maryland December 9, 2005
H Upmann Reserve Sir Winston
I haven't smoked one of the Sir Winstons yet, but did get to try a Reserve Torpedo out of a sampler pack! I'm not one to go on and on about how the cigar tasted like nuts, chocolate or berries with a hint of this or that (if you get my drift?)!! The cigar is either bad, good, great or excellent , and the reserve torpedo exceeded my idea of an excellent cigar!! Flavor was medium to full and excellent, aroma was super, held an ash (white) extremely well, and I thought I was going to have to go to the doctor for burnt fingers!! (I hope the Sir Winstons that I won in an auction are as good!!) I give the Reserve a 9 and a half! Not for the smoker who only smokes mild or mild to medium, unless you are ready to make the jump to a "REAL" cigar!! I'll put this cigar up against Cohiba or Trinidad's and come away with a better taste and aroma, plus save a bundle!! lol
Pappy Hewitt in Las Vegas, NV August 11, 2005
La Floridita Fuerte
La Floridita Gold