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H Upmann Vintage Cameroon Reviews

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H Upmann Vintage Robusto
"Once was enough."
Wanted the free ashtray that comes with a box purchase, so I checked one at at my local shop before making the investment. Glad I did, because while this smoke is not bad by any means, it doesn't hinge on greatness either. I thought it could have had a better draw, though it did burn well and even. Never had to touch up or relight. I think I just like a fuller body and when I woke up later I did have soreness in my throat from this smoke, which is never a good thing. I rate it very average and wouldn't consider a second purchase.
James in Ellicott City, MD August 29, 2012
H Upmann Vintage Robusto
Draw was slightly tight but allowed me to smoke this beauty for quite a while. I literally got the ash to the 3/4 mark before it fell off on me. The flavor is lovely. Nice earthy slightly sweet tobacco. I will definitely be adding this to my favorites list.
Ian in Columbus,Ohio April 28, 2012
H Upmann Vintage Belicoso
Opened a box of 10, smoked two, no humidor time, simply magificent. This stick speaks The Language Of The Good Cigar.
Barak in Tel Aviv February 26, 2012
H Upmann Vintage Belicoso
"My goto smoke"
The H. Upmann Vintage Cameroon Belicoso has become my #1 goto cigar when I have time for a full hour or more of cigar-bliss enjoyment. When I first got these I noted that the appearance, construction and burn was equal with any premiums that I have ever had. The slightly toothy cameroon wrapper is protected by a cedar sleeve which is not my favorite but warranted with this delicate wrapper leaf. Fresh off the truck the draw was a bit tight, but the burn was like a razor edge, perfect as if it had months of age in my humidor. Two months of age has corrected the draw, and these are now as perfect a cigar as I can imagine. Flavor wise, these deliver perfect, woodsy, very earthy and mildly cedary smoke. They are more medium than mild, and can deliver a tiny bit of a nicotine kick. Midway through the smoke I find they develop a chocolaty, mocha flavor that holds through to the end. The finish is sweet, kind of like nutella on toast. All in all these are a real bargain for someone who wants a true premium cigar from an old, established name and has time for a full sized smoke.
Mike in Kansas December 31, 2011
H Upmann Vintage Robusto
Fantastic smoke. Everything is good with this stogie. Taste, burn and draw.
kevin in Dorchester mass October 1, 2011
H Upmann Vintage Robusto
"Awesome Stick"
Awesome cigar for the money! Cant go wrong with this one. Very smooth cigar with a great taste.
JT in SC May 8, 2011
H Upmann Vintage Robusto
"Tremendous medium cigar"
I love this cigar. It is one of the most evenly burning stogies you will find. It is great tasting, smooth, and very very consistent. i give these to customers on the golf course and they are always impressed after the round. Don't hesitate in trying one or 25 of these, you will not regret it.
Jim Nash in Minnesota September 30, 2010
H Upmann Vintage Robusto
"A Full Flavor Classic..."
WOW what a great smoke a mild stick of heaven. fantastic clean flavors would be perfect for anyone just starting or for anyone who is looking for quality taste without strong peppers and spice. wonderful woody nutty smooth smoke smells good enouf to leave the windows up I give these a solid score 10 all the way
Ken in Sammamish Washington August 9, 2010
H Upmann Vintage Robusto
Great smoke. I picked up a five pack of these and boy, was i surprised. I loved the woody with a hint of menthol towards the end flavor. When i buy a bigger humidor, i will put a bx in there to keep for years.
Graham in Des Moines, Wa August 8, 2010
H Upmann Vintage Cameroon Cambio (10)
"Relaxing and enjoyable smoke"
Well made, very smooth and silky flavor, enjoyable to the very end, highly recommend that you try one.
Donna in Tennessee April 7, 2010
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