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H Upmann Vintage Robusto Reviews [view details]

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"Decent Smoke"
One of the few medium strength cigars you'll see in my collection, I'm usually only satisfied by full strength smokes. But this cigar has some big flavor, a nice sweet cedary/woody flavor. I'll pick these up in 5pks when they're on sale almost every time, but I don't think I could commit the kind of money needed to buy a whole box of these.
CharlesD in Irving, TX January 11, 2010
Wonderful, Med.strength, full bodied cigar. Well constructed, firm with a good draw and a long ash. Even burn. Complex flavors with hints of sweetness. My mouth watered throughout the entire smoke. Been smoking cigars for 2 yrs and this is my favorite so far ... best Robusto yet !
Memzar in U S A March 2, 2009
"Great from first light, the last third is Heaven."
This is a wonderful smoke from the get go. Great flavors, loads of smoke, and the last third is a spice bomb, reminiscent of a VSG or Opus X. For the money, this is an outstanding cigar.
James in Lincoln, NE November 2, 2008
"I didn't want it to end"
Terrific cigar! For me, a newbie, this may have been my best cigar yet. That Cameroon wrapper tastes wonderful, and smells great while burning and before lighting. The draw was a tad tight, but it's a humid night in Hot 'lanta, and I walked the dogs while smoking. This Upmann Cameroon robusto came in a sampler from Famous when I bought a box of cigars. I will order a box when I make room in my humidor. Thanks Famous!
Steven in Hot 'lanta July 27, 2008
"Very Nice!"
Very Nice Smoke! Nice cedar taste on the finish. I like it much better than the Torano cameroons.
Jason in California July 1, 2008
"Great Taste, Some Underfilled"
A terrific Cameroon cigar for the money--the Upmann Cameroon tastes like the old Dominican Upmanns before the cigar boom, only more spicy and complex. But, I'm noticing that many of the smokes in the box I recently bought are underfilled. It doesn't seem to affect the flavor or the burn too much, though. Definitely recommended for the Cameroon smoker. One of this line was rated the 24th best cigar of 2004 by CA.
Mike M. in Minneapolis April 30, 2005
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10 Draw (89) 100
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10 Construction (91) 100
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